Is amazon stopping the sale of vape liquid?


I heard a rumor that on May amazon will stop the sale of elquid for vaping. Does anyone have any idea if it’s true?


I’ve not heard any rumours as such, but even so, they do only allow liquid that does not contain Nicotine, so it’s one I’ve not bothered with.
But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did stop it.
I don’t really understand why they won’t, when there are so many age verification services out there, that fit in very well with online sales.


Not sure. I know they do not sell in any areas where there is a ban on such products. So its possible it is hard for them to control the regions where they can and cannot sell so they decide to stop the sales accordingly. Will have to wait for better confirmed information though.


That wouldn’t apply in the UK [afaIk] .
Different US states may have different regulations, but the UK will only have one set of rules.

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