Is business bank account needed to get paid?


Hi everyone!

Just a quick question: Do I need a business bank account go get paid from Amazon? Or a simple current account will do.

I don’t know if is relevant but I got a professional seller account and I am going to sell on FBA.

Many thanks!


I use my current account to get Amazon payments, have done for over two years without any issue.


A current account will do, but personally I would suggest to have a separate one for your business transactions as it makes it much easier when doing accounts - you don’t have to extrapolate the business transactions from your personal ones.


I just have a current account for business use and a personal current account. Easy way to keep things seperate


I’d recommend a separate account for transactions.

Otherwise you may have to pass your accountant all your personal bank statements for them to check your tax obligations.

I’m pretty sure our accountant would charge us more to do our accounts if it was a personal account with lots of transactions mixed in.

HMRC won’t like it either.