Is Evri now Squarely putting Loss Parcel Claims at the hands of Amazon


Perhaps I have missed something and forgive me if this has been discussed already on the forum but I have had this most recent response from a claim I have with Evri where in the past I have been able to claim from Evri. Has something changed in the last week? This seems to suggest there is a simple procedure in place from Amazon to claim for lost Parcels on missing deliveries from Evri when you use the buy shipping. Does this mean we will be able to recover the full cost of the item etc. Thoughts or a link to recent discussions on this would be interesting to me.

Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry regarding parcel reference XXXXXXXX

I’m sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with this delivery and I can appreciate how frustrating this situation must be for you and your recipient.

I can see that you purchased the shipping label for this parcel via Amazon. While your parcel was sent using the Evri network, Amazon are regarded as the carrier in this situation as they provided you with the shipping label. This means that any claims for parcels which have become lost, damaged or delivered late will need to go directly to them so they can discuss the appropriate next steps with you.

In turn, Amazon will get in touch with us on your behalf to discuss the matter.

If you need anything in the future, please contact your Evri Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help.


At a guess, I would imagine a SafeT claim.


Unfortunately safe t claims cannot be used for lost parcels

I am inclined to say they are fobbing you off
I know the mods were looking into this this week but I’d say it’s too soon for anything to have been changed


Yes maybe but a safe-t claim is usually only successful when you can prove delivery. In this case you actually have the proved non delivery therefore it would be right to have the A-Z made against you.


I think I agree but the this is the first time I have had an Email that is pointing and naming Amazon as the company with the responsibility. Normally they try and fob you off by saying you must go to wherever you purchased the label ie say parcel2go which is sort of generic but I am quite excited that this is specifically aimed at Amazon.

I am also entering it onto the forum in the hope that mods and maybe other execs at Amazon can see that Evri are pointing the claims in their direction and at least solve the argument once and for all. I have already informed Evri that I would post on the forum their response so that all sellers could perhaps benefit from knowing where the claim should lie.


I’ll specifically tag @Julia_Amazon @Winston_Amazon and @Maja_Amazon as they were gathering the data for returns

Could just be a public statement to show its amazon doing the fobbing off , not them ?!


The thing is, I have had successful claims with Evri but never going through Amazon. Amazon have always maintained I should go through Evri to make a claim for loss and although you have to be persistent, in the end it pays off. I have just never had it where they have specially said to me you must claim from Amazon and just find it interesting that they are quite happy to put this in writing. I have always been told from Amazon that I should contact the courier direct for claims and I have seen many posts and partaken in a lot of posts saying you should contact Evri but this email for me is a game changer.


Have you tried claiming from amazon ?


In the past yes but not recently due to me being able to get it from Evri, I am now going to go back to Amazon on this specific order and see what happens. I have not been successful as the email tells me but it is saying that Amazon will sort it out, so I shall see.


I was just guessing. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use Evri if you paid me to.


To be fair, I think they are a lot better than they used to be and they have come in handy during the Royal Mail strikes, something is better than nothing.

If the claims process was easier I think I would use them more.


To be honest it causes so much frustration Royal Mail say you cannot put in a claim, Hermes say its with Amazon.

We have had the highest number of claims ever recorded in the history of selling on Amazon. Amazon sales are worst ever recorded.


we have had multiple amounts of these, you cant speak to Evri because you are not the ‘sender’ then when you speak to amazon customer services for sellers they literally haven’t got a single clue what to do and so we have been left with no support from amazon or evri. The customer service with Hermes was already bad when they had a phone number to use, now its even worse as they arnt interested in speaking to any customer.

So frustrating when its actually a legal right for us to claim for lost, damaged or undeliverable parcels.


Make sure you pass any cases like this to @Maya_Amazon and @Winston_Amazon as they are collating them


I don’t send many parcels at all, but when I send with evri I let it go to A-Z then appeal, remove the order defect and Amazon funds, if they don’t I go MD and then it get changed to amazon funded and remove the defect


I am watching this thread with interest, as Evri send you to Amazon, and Amazon send you to Evri. We are struggling to claim anything for the lost parcels over the Christmas period.


I think it’s time to start sending letters to Amazon’s legal department, because I don’t think there will be any clarification otherwise.
We purchase the service from Amazon, we have no option to opt out, our contract is with Amazon, not Evri or RM. Amazon have had months and months to resolve a situation they created that didn’t exist before this ill-advised change.
If I buy shipping from the likes of Interparcel or P4D, I have to claim with those brokers, my point of contact is with the brokers and I choose the most appropriate service.
Amazon cannot have it both ways, forcing a service on us then abrogating all responsibility for the problems that enforced change has caused (of course in reality they can, because there’s no regulatory oversight, and in our host’s view might = right)
Someone knew this would be an issue before the policy was launched, it could be seen from space, coupled with default supply of inappropriately underinsured shipping, there’s no way this didn’t raise red flags, but it was waived through. Either this policy is deliberate, because buying bulk shipping gives Amazon leverage with the carriers and extra revenue (ie they simply don’t care about the mess they’ve made which is underhand), or the implementation is so grossly and obviously inept, which I find difficult to believe, that those responsible should be dismissed.
I cannot get my head around the fact someone in a planning meeting must, must have said ‘what about purchases between £20-99.99, they’re not fully insured?’ Or, ‘And when a loss does occur who do MPS claim from, coz we need to make that clear to them at the time of implementation?’.

The situation is farcical, my guess is that the only way it will change is through legal challenge. Moaning here, having claim hacks (seesh, we’ve come to this), is pointless, it’s time-sink tinkering - the default situation will continue to our collective detriment. The only thing Amazon will listen to is a someone with a bigger stick.


i believe in this instance op is talking about postage they bought from evri through amazon that has been lost - not returns lost by Evri
Whilst i understand its the same principle, i would imagine they are being dealt with separately


I lost my parcel with Evri and I did not get back
Evri service is very poor


As you state the same principle - hope the rant entertained you on a Sunday afternoon…:wink: