Is FBA pointless for this product, or maybe pointless alltogether


Speaking of at risk, I just had an at risk warning email to add to my never ending list of fba problems, a calculator I’m selling has been marked as a hazardous material and is now not eligible for small and light.
I suppose the bright side is I’ll get all these issues out of the way early on


Not that surprising with a calculator, as it probably has lithium batteries in it.


Hazmat seems a little dramatic for a pocket calculator, they have asked me to resolve the issue but I’m not sure what I can do.


Why on earth would it be dramatic, if it had lithium batteries in it?
You can’t send lithium batteries through the normal post. Full stop.
Hence not being allowed to use S&L.
Not dramatic at all, but following the rules for Royal Mail.


Fair enough bud, I wont argue about it, just after some advice.
I never said it was lithium, its sealed and non replaceable so was having trouble identifying it.
I’ve researched and think I’m good now.


I wasn’t arguing. I never actually said that it did have lithium batteries.
I made a suggestion.

But as a long time seller of Batteries, I am very familiar with the products that use them and the Hazmat status of them.
Calculators are one such product, which would essentially make them hazmat.


I mean I won’t disagree, but like I said I’ve read up on it a bit more now and think I’m good, thanks.


Not that surprising, I had a tea towel marked as hazmat.

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