Is Fix Product Broken?


Am I the only one having issues when requesting a chande to a product page?

I can see that the interface has changed but have managed to navigate through to the fix product page. I enter the asin and that bit is fine. In my case it’s the image that’s the issue and I’m able to choose this from the drop down and there’s a box to describe the issue.

It’s after this stage that it keeps going wrong as:

  1. There is no option to attach a correct image
  2. When I submit the changes I just get an error message
  3. When I look in my case log it says it has been answered but the “answer” is:


Nov 22, 2019 08:43 AM


Am I the only one experiencing this?


I haven’t tried it recently but I don’t think you’re the only one. I assume the issue raised in this thread is the same?


Thanks for that. My item in’ts in the books/media category but I agree it’s in similar vein. Looks like they’ve introduced the new interface without de-bugging it. The cynic in me thinks it’s a sure fire way to reduce the amount of cases SS have to deal with.


I’ve gone to my case log and have been able to reopen the case from there. As well as advising re my specific issue I’ve mentioned that the interface is broken. I’ll see what happens and report back for those interested.


I’m experiencing exactly the same problem with the ‘Fix a product page’ tool. Using the new interface, I can get as far as clicking a button to browse in my PC for the relevant image(s) to upload, but at that point the tool crashes and I get an error message. I too have raised a case with Seller Support.


My SS case was responded to asking me for usual proof. I supplied it and they updated the listing. I mentioned in both contacts that the interface was broken but they didn’t respond to that aspect.


I’ll see if I get the same kind of response. I guess the only thing to do is to keep sending them back messages pointing out that they haven’t responded to the substantive issue and asking them to refer the case up to a technical specialist.
In the meantime there seem to be various other options for raising cases, for example using Contact us / Product page problem / Something else (where there is the option of uploading images in support of the case). I have just submitted a case this way and we’ll see whether it works as a method for getting product details corrected…