Is it a waste of time?


I have finally managed to successfully list some of my products! Great.
But how are customers supposed to find them? I can’t see my amazon listing when searching in google, although it does come up with results from my own website.
Do I have to advertise? or is Amazon Handmade just not listing on google?

Help really appreciated!


daft question but have you searched for your products on amazon - not google ?

are you sure your products are live and not search suppressed ?
whats one of your asins ?

As for new listings, yes if they are a product with lots of competition, you may need to look at advertising or getting traffic to your listing through social media etc however, if you have a website, i’d suggest directing social media traffic to there instead where there are no fees
(note - you cannot direct amazon customers to your website - just to make that clear)


Many thanks for your reply Little Shop!
My products are ‘live’; I am certain they are not suppressed as I have struggled for sometime with the ‘white background’ and other problems, so I am aware of the suppression problem.
I have searched on key words and title (eg Silver Reef Knot Bracelet) and even the ASIN (one is B0B8JVNYLT) and the SKU, and these come up blank (when searching for the ASIN) or only come up with my website links {Moderator Edit (Jessica) external link removed}
I do indeed promote on social media and direct traffic to my website.
I understand that Amazon needs to keep the customers on their shopping site; which makes it even more strange that, posing as a customer, I can’t find it! :confused:


if i search the title in the handmade category it comes up 1st offer

what keywords are you using ?

you also have added your phone number and email address on the description which is prohibited on amazon so need to remove that


Ranking only comes with sales history, bit of chicken and egg scenario, hence why you may have to do some advertising on Amazon to promote the products and start getting some clicks, the more people that click the higher the ranking goes, and the more visibility you will gain. It can be quite difficult when you first start out, once you are established and have visible products it does become easier with new products.


Thanks - yes, I’ll get that changed right away!


I’m a little bit surprised you’ve left them as a generic item rather than branding them - it feels a bit strange to me to spend £1650 on an item thats generic and kind of undervalues your pretty items in my opinion


If I put in this search topic into google; silver reef knot bracelet
I can get this result;
and then I can search directly on the Handmade site.
But, how many people will go direct to the Handmade site?
And, if I advertise? will my advert go onto the Handmade site or come up in google searches?


oh gosh - make sure you exempt that item from auto authorised returns so that you can send a fully tracked, fully insurance returns label where required

make sure you send all your orders with a signature required delivery too - unfortunately there seem to be a lot more INRs on amazon compared to sellers own websites !


I’m not a buyer on amazon but, if i were, i would search for a product on amazon - not google

you don’t need to navigate the google / forum way round. you just go to


it’s worth noting that your backend search terms are also being used in your title … and your title is basically just keywords (i’d say stuffed but you only have a few keywords) - so I’d think about your title and other aspects of your listing to help it get found and ranked.


Many thanks Sequin
I’m not sure how to change the ‘generic’ label. Do I have to ‘register’ my brand with Handmade?


I thought Handmade sellers could add their Brand Names without BR or a trademark anyway ?!


Many thanks for that tip Going_going_gone!
Can you advise what I should do differently? or point me to a tutorial that might be helpful? … real wet-behind-the-ears newbie here!!


One of the best things to do is to go through the seller university. If you haven’t done that yet you should do that before going further.


Your ad is for Amazon’s site. If you want to run ads on Google then you’d need to run bids there.


don’t spend a penny on advertising until you have your listing in tip top shape - spend your money wisely Ob1


Thanks I’ll do that…again! hopefully it will get clearer in time :slight_smile:


you welcome

there’s a lot to learn and at first, can be overwhelming- but you’ll get there. just be patient and think about everything you do carefully otherwise you could end up losing a lot of your hard-earned ££’s

i’d start with:

  • keyword research (the foundation of any good listing)
  • get your listing in good shape e.g. title - pics - backend keywords etc. (looking at the cost of your product it’s high-end so I would invest in some professional images)
  • go through seller university - and if anything is unclear make a note and ask on the forum
  • apply for the brand registry if you haven’t already
  • don’t believe everything you hear from the so-called YT gurus

I wish you all the very best of luck


Thank you so much for the tips - I will do my homework.
I’ve already had a look at the seller univ. advice on brand registry. It seems that you have to trademark it? Or, you can apply for an exemption part by part. But this could just apply to the main Amazon site rather than Handmade?
I have a good brand name that is getting known, but haven’t trademarked it as I don’t have the budget.
Doesn’t Handmade have an easier way around this?