Is it possible to add a listing with stock set to zero?



I am new to selling on Amazon and wish to sell a product that has listing restrictions.

Now either I can buy the stock and then put up my listing and then deal with problems.

Or can I create the listing and set stock to zero and then order stock and then update qty later?

Is this way possible?




Yes you can list with stock zero.Better to make sure you get approved to sell before buying.


Is there a time limit by which time I need to have the stock by?

What does setting stock to zero do? Is the product still searchable, or is it not visible at all anywhere?



No,it will just show as inactive until you have stock.

Yes,will show “currently unavailable” if you are the only seller.


Why would you want to do this? The product obviously has listing restrictions for a reason. You then go on to say you could put up the listing and deal with problems. If you are not permitted to sell something and then are trying to circumvent that process, not only are you going against the selling rules of the platform but you’re also probably unfairly affecting other sellers on Amazon. You might want to think again about this one…especially now you have announced on a public forum what your intentions might be?


I don’t think OP’s intentions involve attempting to circumvent any listing restrictions,

I think it’s more like testing the water first,similar to a query someone may ask…should I buy 1 of a new product I am considering selling and wait to see if there is any demand for it,or shall I rush in and buy 1,000 and take a chance on noone being interested in buying it and being stuck with unmovable stock

He/she just wants to check if they will receive approval first before acquiring the stock,which seems a sensible idea


It may be a sensible idea but when Amazon require an invoice showing 10 or so of an item before they will approve it - what then?


Then OP would know he would need to buy at least 10 to begin with and can decide from there whether to continue with the plan


There’s no time limit, it is actually recommended in some of Amazon’s listing guides that you put 0 stock on new listings and check to ensure they’re accurate before you add stock.

This depends, it will not show up in searches for some categories but will in others.
If you know the ASIN you can still find the product regardless.


Is that a general requirement that you will need to show an invoice of the item you wish to sell with at-least 10 qty showing on the paper work?


Not for every item obviously - but if the item requires “approval” from Amazon then this is what they will ask for. Also the supplier will be checked out by Amazon as they have to be either the manufacturer or a legitimate official supplier.

Its all in the Amazon Help guidelines under items requiring approval.

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