Is Republic of Ireland in the UK? - aaahhhh! live chat is useless EFN question?


Is it true that I must incur EFN charges if sending to the Republic of Ireland with FBA but can’t charge a different price? I would only barely break even which seems crazy.

The live chat man suggested I change the price on the .uk site but given how small the market is in Ireland this seems a ludicrous suggestion. He also asked me if Ireland was in the UK and then send me a link to a map of Scotland - so I have high hopes he was wrong on this too!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice


I take it you are not based in UK then?

United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Republic of Ireland is a separate country, so EFN applies when sold from Amazon UK.


Thanks for reply. Yes, we are based in the UK.
I’ve done some more reading. If we export from UK (from Amazon Uk) we only pay local FBA fees (I think!) - so now I think EFN may be irrelevant as most (Republic of) Ireland consumers purchase from the UK site… Does this make sense?


well, Republic of Ireland cannot be prime customer, so they pay for the additional postage charge. you still pay the normal FBA fee but nothing more.


Great, that’s better than just losing money as per the Live Chat man.


The Republic of Ireland is definitely not part of the UK.

Incidentally, I’ve had a few cheeky buyers from the Republic state their address as being in the UK purely to avoid paying the extra postage.
I haven’t had one of those orders for quite a while now, so I’m not sure if it’s still possible to fool the system.

It’s a pain for an FBM seller when it happens as you have to either bear the extra postage cost or cancel.


pudding_n_pie, that is very annoying. Hopefully the loop hole has been closed now


Tell live chat man not since 1922 !


:joy: that made me giggle - I’m new to Amazon (obvs!) and a bit of humour is very welcome when wading through all of this


When entering the shipping address, Amazon now automatically corrects it if it doesn’t appear to be accurate.

So it would be very difficult to go ahead and place an order with an invalid address.


You can now pay for prime in Ireland and get free two day shipping to Ireland on Amazon UK. I have actually started buying a lot more on Amazon instead of eBay since they introduced it.