Is there a issue with feedback at the moment?


Noticed a huge drop in buyers leaving feedback the last few days. Never been so low in years. Sales exactly the same. Any noticed the same? wondering If amazon have changed it again and made it even more difficult than it already is to leave feedback.


See this other thread


ah didnt see the other thread. thank you


(As that other thread is on the scarcely read Account health board it’s probably worth having a thread on this board as well)

Just to confirm your observation I had this message from a customer

Thank you book arrived, Would love to leave great feedback but for some reason or other for the last couple of weeks Amazon have not given me that option when I go into my orders. They allow me to track contact seller or review product but not feedback. Sorry

I raised a case with seller support, which appeared to be wilfully misunderstood, but probably a bot, so have reraised. (sic) I have had two feedbacks in the last week compared to a general average this year of about 2 per day


I have also noticed no Feedback coming in for ages but just checked the big companies like Music Magpie etc and they are still receiving feedback - what a surprise - you make your own deduction from that but basically i am very disallusioned with Amazon at the moment …


yes they may be still receiving feedback but they are massive. its whether they are now receiving a lot less than they have In the weeks before?..


Yes not had any for 11 days which is very unusual from 400-500 sales/week.


I have no option to leave fb in “my orders” either. That option disappeared when my buyer account page changed to a new layout a few weeks ago.


The only way to leave seller feedback as far as I can see is to go to as the packing slip states. I haven’t received any requests/reminders for feedback from Amazon for yonks either.


Yes, I think they stopped sending emails out requesting feedback ages ago.
Still touting for product reviews though.


I have a case open with buyer support about this. The link leads me to a page that tells me “You have no orders eligible for feedback.”

So not sure how anyone can leave feedback at all!!


Gosh Carol - I’ve just used it to leave feedback for my last 3 orders - all 5 stars sellers.


Oh - is it just me then?


I think it’s just for more recent orders


I am unable to leave feedback too. Maybe they are abolishing it?


I’ll post on here when I get another response from buyer support


im the same, no feedback left in 7 days.


Same for us… no feedback for over a week!


I just checkled my recent orders and they all appear eligible for feedback*.

I left some and it went through ok.

*Actually, I was not able to leave it for any FBA orders - only FBM.

Maybe they are withdrawing the option for FBA orders?


Nope, not just you. I get the same message