Is there a issue with feedback at the moment?


Don’t think so as my most recent orders are all FBM and there is no option for me to leave feedback on those either.


NEW SELLER HERE and no feedback at all not one …


it is on my personal account, but not on the business account


Betcha, the neggers will still leave it!


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Hmm. The orders I can leave feedback for were placed on 11 June. They were all FBM.
Other orders, before and since then have been FBA and there is no feedback button on any of them.

Could it be browser related? I’m using Firefox.


This thread is gaining a lot more traction so might be a good idea to continue it.

As Splendid notes, that other thread is in a little-viewed subsection.


This is on my buying account and I have purchased several MFN orders in the last 3 months:


That explains why customers I know have been trying hard to leave feed back for me but they can’t find it.

Obviously Amazon are cooking something with feed back… anyway of finding out. !!


yes agree, not seeing feedback at all. Amazon are actually reviewing my account now because my sales volume to feedback do not match. Its unbelievable.


Where do you get that link from?

I don’t have a ‘leave seller feedback’ link on my buyer account page.

I just go to ‘Your Account/ Your Orders’ where I see this beside each FBM order (no feedback button on FBA orders):



Pudding it’s here, a link given on this customer help page


You are correct but that link is not on the front page of the buyer account - you have to tunnel down a bit to find it.

All the same, when I click on it, I do get the option to leave feedback on recent orders.

Why others are not seeing it is unclear.


I was wondering as you can only give seller feedback after you have received your order, what happens with the orders where Amazon do not recognise the tracking and say “Sorry, your parcel may be late you can ask for a refund…” are buyers still able to leave feedback for those orders… that are received/delivered ?


At the very least, it looks like some FBA orders are not currently eligible for feedback.

Having said that, I’ve just checked an older FBA order from 25 April and that one is eligible for feedback.

Maybe there is some sort of new timelag before FBA and SFP orders become eligible?


I’ve just checked some from April and they are eligible for FB, even though the orders state 'Expected by 21 Apr '.
These were posted by ordinary RM non-tracked and all have arrived with me.*

  • just to add - I think Amazon have removed the ‘you can ask for a refund…’ bit from the message.


Phew, that’s good to know…:sweat_smile: lol


I guess the Voice of the Customer Beta is about to go live


I’m only a small seller & don’t get much feedback these days but this morning received an order & shortly afterwards was asked to cancel it as it had been placed by mistake. I advised that I had already marked the item as dispatched but had not yet posted it so could not cancel the order but would issue a full refund. Buyer then left feeback for being so prompt with refund.


Interestingly for my purchased items i can leave feedback for items up to 17th of June, but orders up to 1st of July there is no option to leave feedback, but an order i placed two days ago there is an option to leave feedback.

Possible Amazon glitch?