Is there a issue with feedback at the moment?


Hi buyyourleaves1

I’ve twice had customers order an item, cancel the item and then leave negative feedback…

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We sell IT kit and traditionally half our feedback is from unhappy customers. We get the same with reviews elsewhere from our website etc, always have. Happy ones rarely do, at a rough guess only around 1 in 100 bother. I’d be happy to see the end of feedback to be honest!


Depends what you sell and who your competitors are. It’s still handy for 2nd hand booksellers


That link is not an obvious / available option on my buyer a/c page.
Buyers will not leave fb if there is no obvious link in “orders”
This situation is just plain silly -


the link has just reappeared on my buying orders page. can anyone else confirm its there for them also?


Just had two customers leave feedback for the first time in six days.


Glad to see that there are a lot of people experiencing the same thing - NO FEED BACK and no option to leave a feedback? I have had 2 customers who have wanted to leave a feedback but had no way to do so.

The irony of all this is AMAZON are holding onto disbursement payments due to NO FEEDBACK on account?? How are customers expected to leave a feedback if no option to do so exists?? I was in touch with seller support yesterday and they denied that there is an issue and asked for screenshots from the customer confirming they could not see the feedback option… its beyond a joke…!!?


I have noticed the same, I haven’t had any feedback for 10 days and sales still the same.


so far feedback is normal


Hopefully they get rid of the feedback mechanism, it a just another stick to beat sellers with, totally pointless on amazon when you have the product review facility.

Who really bothers looking at seller feedback when shopping via prime?


Yes. Nothing since 3rd July and usually many a day. Amazon no help on phone.


yes i have too , i think amazon control it as andvwhen they please especially if they are tryingvto make you pay to advertise , sales reduce thrn too


Yes @simon187, the leave seller feedback button has mysteriously reappeared on all the orders I have placed recently. It’s as if someone from Amazon has read this thread and acted upon it :wink:


I have had 600 orders in the last month, 6 feedbacks, 1 of which was 1 star, because buyer said he received a message from Amazon telling him his order hadnt been delivered so should leave feedback, he just left a 1star feedback for not receiving it. then when i asked him if he wanted a replacement, or refund he refused and said he wanted to wait for it… so i gave him his money back.


Mine as well.Let’s hope we ll get lot’s of good feedback now !


Yes I think so. I’m glad you asked as I thought it was just my account. I also buy a lot from Amazon as well as sell and have been unable to leave feedback now for well over a week for any of my 42 orders. In my list of orders, it simply does not show the "LEAVE SELLER FEEDBACK " button against any orders and if I go on to the Amazon/feedback page directly, it says I have no orders eligible for feedback which is rubbish. Contacting Amazon is a problem too as they no longer offer e-mail as an option to customers, just phone or chat so you have to go through it all with another team member from scratch every time you contact them and that can take ages…


Maybe, just maybe… Amazon are going to remove the feedback metric/rating for us, like they did for themselves?

Or am I just being too optimistic?


Buying from other websites the buyer is always prompted to leave feedback but on this website feedback is few and far between.


I have just heard from a customer who tried to leave me 5 star review but Amazon replied to him that the feedback “doesn’t conform to Amazon standards” - he just emailed me with feedback instead - not quite the same…


just looked… it is there… I just left one for a very late order with no tracking and seller not really helpful.

It is strange that we not got feedback but then not that bothered as it does not seem to count towards buybox any more… price seems to be the key now even if you have awful fb.