Is there a issue with feedback at the moment?


We have noticed it too. We have also noticed that amazon are now refusing to remove negative feedback that falls within the criteria for removal i.e. negative feedback for FBA orders!


@pudding_n_pie it’s not there, honestly


I had exactly the same from a customer some days ago. I didn’t know then that there was a problem leaving feedback and assumed he had maybe clicked to leave a product review but what he wrote was about the seller and Amazon had rejected it. But I don’t know really and feel bad now that I didn’t realise there was an issue and that the only button available to the customer was to leave a product review.

I did open a case about the missing feedback buttons yesterday and got a reply from Seller Support this morning denying there was an issue as they had not heard about any problem from their technical side. I love the way they assume the seller must therefore be imagining things and ignore the fact one is trying to report a real issue.

Anyway, the buttons are back now on my own purchases and I did get left 1 feedback earlier.


The ‘Leave seller feedback’ option has disappeared from all my purchase orders dating back to 10th June.


I think the problem has been rectified, or at least for orders that are being placed now. There may be a couple of weeks where orders are missing the radio button for leave feedback and possibly won’t be retrospectively corrected.


Be like that for well over a year “negative feedback for FBA orders” is not a criteria.
The feedback still has to meet the rules for removal FBA or not.


Just received a Feedback this morning 1st one for 16 days.


I’ve received two today - the first I’ve had since the beginning of July.


Surely amazon sending out an incorrect item falls withing the violation…not according to amazon though!


All my old orders (my purchases, not my sales) going back several months have had the feedback button restored, which wasn’t there a few days ago. However, any of your customers that couldn’t find it when they tried to leave feedback probably won’t try again