Is there anyway to start fresh?


Hi there,

I messed up about a month ago by creating a second account as I was finding it difficult to verify my first and just though it might be easier to start over. The second account was soon blocked as you’re not allowed more than one account.
I have tried closing the second account and then verifying my first and I must’ve tried on 5 or more seperate occasions with no success and I just kept getting the notification on seller central that my information entered isn’t valid.

This is stressing me out as I’ve been trying to get hold of amazon for weeks and can’t seem to get any replies to emails or queries.

Is there any way to just start fresh and create a new account or is there a better way? Didn’t realise getting verified would be this difficult!

Thanks in advance.



Lots of sellers are trying to get around the rules by opening a new account following a suspension, but this is simply not possible. You are supposed to work on fixing the issue instead of doing so. Otherwise, Amazon will block any additional account.

The Amazon Policy regarding Prohibited Seller Activities clearly states that operating multiple seller accounts is prohibited:

Here are some instructions on appealing:

How do I reactivate my account?

To reactivate your selling account, please send a plan of action that explains:

– The root cause(s) of opening multiple accounts on Amazon

– The actions you have taken to resolve your multiple accounts

– The steps you have taken to prevent the continuation of having multiple selling accounts going forward


Hi Kika,

I have appealed 3 times but have heard nothing back each time.
Is there anybody I can talk to directly about this?


The original suspension notice should include an Account Health Support link which you can use to get help with appealing.


Hi Kika,
Where can I find this link?




In the original suspension notice, which can be found in your account’s Performance Notifications.

But there is a possibility there won’t be any link. Only some suspension notices have it.


I’ve had a look at the original suspension and all the notifications from the subsequent appeals but but can’t seen to find any link.


Then it sounds like the option is unavailable to you.