Is There Vat Program On Amazon FBA


I would like to sell on FBA but i must be vat register. I was told amazon had some program were the the tot up the tax and help us out. Is that true
Has any one heard of this program


It sounds like you are talking about VAT Services on Amazon:


That was the thing i was looking at. Must I register for vat my self or does amazon give me one. As i am living in Ireland


Amazon will handle the VAT registration on your behalf.


Register yourself on HMRC website.


Hi, I am self-employed. My accountant told me that I don’t need VAT Registration if my income is lower than £85 000. Can I still sell on Amazon without VAT reg.?


Yes, you can.

In case that you aren’t an UK resident, then you would need to register for the VAT prior to shipping any inventory into Amazon’s FBA warehouses.


I am UK resident but does it mean if I want to sell in other European marketplaces I will need VAT as the income threshold in Europe is 70 000?


You would only need to register for the VAT in the other countries if you wish to store there any FBA inventory or exceed the distance selling threshold (these are different in each country).


Kika, Thank you very much for your help!
So to enroll for PAN- European FBA I cannot do it without VAT?


Prior to enrolling into the PAN-European FBA program, you would need to register for the VAT in seven countries.


And there is no any options for selling in more marketplaces without VAT?


Unless you decide to store your FBA inventory in the countries, you can sell there without being VAT registered.