Is this normal? New FBA Fees


Hi everyone.

Woke up this morning to the new FBA fees increases.

Package Dimensions| 32.21 x 29.49 x 10.31 cm
Package Weight| 0.69 kg

And Fees are £5.38???

Is this normal? How do you expect us to sell and make some profit?


you need to check the new rates table as they are now calculating weight tier v dimension weight

that seems right i think - 32.21 x 29.49 x 10.31 divided by 5000 = 1.95kg -
and therefore now a Standard parcel ≤ 2.9 kg as the dimensional weight is larger than the product weight



I woke up to the same this morning.

I missed this statement which might apply to you:

"To determine the weight tier of the product, we will use the greater of the unit weight or the dimensional weight. The dimensional weight in kilograms is calculated as (length x width x height cm3) divided by 5,000. "

I have products that weigh 300 grams but due to the new system are weighing “dimensionally” at 1.3kg.

It’s a backwards system in my opinion, rigged to get the biggest FBA fee out of you.


That is not my question, how the fees are like that. They are probably correct.

My question is: Is it normal to charge £5.38 for a small parcel?
I think it is a ridicules overpriced.


because they changed them overnight as per their announcement back in January


It may be overpriced, but to be honest that is for you to decide if you wish to carry on with FBA in which case you’ll probably need to put your prices up, of if you with to withdraw them for FBM

As Littleshop says, they made an announcement back in January, you had ample warning this was coming.


I have one clothing SKU like this but I only have 1 left in stock so I am just going to let it sell and make a small loss on it.

I was aware this was happening when they made the announcement and decide a few weeks ago to stop selling this item.

The only other option is to put the price up. We have had enough notice to decide what to do with these price increases.


5.38 for a parcel that is delivered in 24 hours (can be within 2 hours), fully tracked with customer service (albeit not amazing) isn’t crazy bad? plus a box that is 30x30x10 is not that small


Hi, we have spent many years creating a range of great value homeware items. As a result of this they are mostly light and mostly standard sized but now over two thirds of them fall in to the this significant jump in fulfillment prices as their dimensional weight is high, up circa +£2-3 a unit in fulfillment fees, which is of course all of our margin on our own brand goods (and more).

To claw back to where we were late February we are having to add on £3-4.50 a unit on to our sale price, its incredible, just to get back where we were a week ago ((due to Amazon taking 15% and the VAT man 20% and rise in sotrage fees too we cannot just add the exact fee increase figure of course.

When our goods range from under £10 and upwards this is a HUGE rise for consumers.
we have our current price on Left and then Target Price we would need to reach to get margins cash and % back to where we were a week ago. It is just not achievable. Some are up 40%+



This new fee hike unfairly hits certain businesses, like ours and has destroyed a business model overnight built over many years.

Is anybody else feeling this?


Yes! FBA selling prices up, sales down.


It is normal…everywhere else in the world. Volumetric weight has been a standard for many years for shipping and storage. It appears the only people in the world that didn’t use it were Amazon; well, now they do. Couriers have used volumetric weight for shipping calculations for eons and with good reason. The giant teddy bear that weighs 2kg but has an enormous box takes up far more space in a van or a warehouse than the Encyclopedia Britannica, which also weighs 2kg but is a fraction of the size. You can store 200 Britannica’s in the same space as 20 teddies.

It’s a shock to the system; of course it is. However, it was announced weeks ago.


We were already selling a third of our products at a loss. The volumetric weight price jump from these two tiers has caught us out and I imagine a massive chunk of products on Amazon. Its an almost overnight fee hike for units we carry 9-18 months of from import. The undesired effect is some hard months on small businesses and consumers at an already difficult time. image


That’s just not sustainable though, as you’ll be aware, I’m sure. Even with the new fee structures, we are still well below an overall fee of 40%, average is about 37% of the selling fee, which means there is 63% in it for us. There’s a bit more in it for us via Ebay because our managed payments fees are lower than some sellers but then there are far more sales on Amazon than Ebay.

There are no easy answers but we have absorbed the latest fee increases rather than increase prices this year. We’re still making a decent profit so we’ll let it run and see where we are in 2024.


Yep, i’m feeling it.

I don’t accept the line that everyone else is using volumetics…they are not, not like this.

Amazon were already using volumetics with their pacge size tiers, Small parcel/standard parcel.

To quote one of my earlier posts from a different thread:

Previous FBA Fees were: £2.92 (plus fuel surcharge)

New FBA Fees are: £5.38

Alternative fees:

Royal Mail 2nd Class: £2.85 (£2.53 Cheaper than FBA)

Royal Mail 24: £3.87 (£1.51 Cheaper than FBA)

Hermes Drop off: £2.95 (£2.43 Cheaper than FBA)

Amazon Standard Multi Channel Fulfilment £3.54 single item order/£2.36 multi item order (£1.84/£3.02 cheaper than FBA)

Amazon Expedited Multi Channel Fulfilment £4.46 single item order/£2.97 multi item order (£0.92/£2.41 cheaper than FBA)

Therefore it make financial sense to dropship your own Amazon sales with Amazon multi-channel fulfilment. You could save up to £2.41 per order :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

In my opinion Amazon have made a huge mistake here and need to sort it out quickly. These mistakes risk people’s livelihoods.


Yeah it’s tough. We are working with our suppliers to see how we can better pack our products to make the packaging more compact


until they put those prices up too


You were saying



Still cheaper than FBA for a lot of my SKUs and that’s before the multi-discount. But huge increases across the board.

That’s probably the last nail in the coffin for me. I use MCF for B&Q and eBay but no longer competitive. Very likely I’ll pull my MCF volume out, along with light and bulky FBA SKUs.

I’m waiting on quotes for my full volume, but may go fully SFP with Evri who have just been accepted for SFP.


Really ? I thought they could only be used for non prime sfp orders ?
Do you trust evri - genuine question


No, of course I don’t they’re terrible, but under SFP you’re protected and my average sale price is £12, so I can budget for 1 in 10 going missing.

I think Evri have only just been approved for SFP, not sure on any go live dates.