Is this ok for a Suspended account over SUSPECTED items


Hi Guys.
I received a suspended notice over suspected brand listings.
The items are gone.The original chinese seller is gone.The asins are dead.
Their name was in the title.Though they were definately not a listed brand name and the adds were not locked or anything else.They are 100% generic items.
I removed the adds immediately as i did not want the hassle of dealing with a chinese seller.
The seller had none of these items for sale when i did list them and the seller did not report me or anything.It was just amazons bots I THINK ?? that gave me the suspected notice.
I have never had a genuine brand notice warning that i know of.Just these suspected.
I received these suspected a few months.3 of them.
i checked the forums at the time and it said lots of sellers were receiving them at the same time.
I remember some sellers saying they received 100’s of them.
The forums suggested ignoring them at the time.It’s new and it’s just the bots.This was 5 months ago approx i received them.
My account is basically perfect.100% fbk.All 0’s for all metrics.Not a single problem or mark against me.Nothing.Just this suspected stuff.
Things may have changed since these original forums.I don’t know.
I have been checking the forums for help and came up with this appeal.
Will it suffice.Be ok.I’m not good at this type of thing
Amazon Seller Performance Team,
Please find below an updated Plan of Action:

Root Cause:

  1. After carefully reviewing my entire account.
  2. I have fully examined my listings and have come to the conclusion that the root cause of the complaint was a generic asin with a sellers name in the title.
  3. The product page for ASIN A B01DDE8DDA had the sellers name in the title.
  4. The product page for ASIN B B076LYH3XL had the sellers name in the title.
  5. The product page for ASIN C B0140TEQNS had the sellers name in the title.

Actions taken to resolve the complaints:

  1. All listings, including the ones which received suspected intellectual property violations have been deleted permanently and will not be reactivated.

  2. I have checked all my remaining inventory and discarded any asin that may be affected.

  3. I have read and understood all Amazon Policies and agreements paying close attention to the ‘Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions Policy and ‘Anti-Counterfeiting Policy’ and will ensure I strictly abide by them.

Steps taken to prevent future complaints:
I have formulated and implemented the following plan of action in order to ensure that all the products i take into inventory and sell to customers are authentic and do not generate any future complaints.

  1. Sourcing: To ensure the authenticity of the products i sell, I am sourcing products only from reputable manufacturers and wholesalers who are authorised by the brand owners.

  2. Listings Quality Control:
    a. I am monitoring the listings on a regular basis to ensure that they are always accurate and complete.
    b. I am monitoring all the listings i create on Amazon, to make sure that the detail page rules and condition guidelines are always being met.
    c. I have updated product description with additional details so that it is clear what the customer purchasing.
    d. I have reviewed and will regularly monitor Amazon’s content guidelines for any changes to make sure I am operating within those guidelines.

  3. Packaging & Shipping Quality Control:
    a. I am examining each product before shipping, to make sure that the product and packaging is up to amazon standard.

  4. I am monitoring customer returns and complaints on any products, as well as customer reviews on products i offer, as a quality control measure.

  5. I am promptly providing replacement or refund in response to any customer complaints.

  6. In future, any products that appear to create a poor customer experience will be withdrawn from inventory immediately.

  7. I am providing excellent customer service and communication in order that each customer has a good shopping experience on Amazon and is satisfied with the products i offer.

I am looking forward to Amazon’s consideration to help me reinstate my account.

Thank you.
Sincerely xxxxxx

Thanks guys.All advice good or bad ie let me have it if i deserve it.All advice appreciated.Thanks


I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints. You are definitely not the only one as many sellers contacted me asking for my help with appealing their suspensions over the same issue.

Yes, these complaints can definitely trigger a suspension if you failed to take action and simply deleted the listings with complaints from your inventory.

You were supposed to edit the listings to reactivate them and remove the defects.

Unfortunately, this is not a proper wording and will not be accepted as the cause of the suspension:

In addition, your Plan of Action does not sufficiently address the issue and lacks any effective steps and actions. Deleting listings and reviewing Amazon’s policies on it’s own will not work.

You are not supposed to answer any tasks present in the original suspension notice, these are supposed to help you with the content of your appeal, but cannot be presented in the way you did.

Please review this example Plan of Action which may help:


Hi Kika.
I read your helpful file.But i don’t want to make a mistake.Amazon does not forgive mistakes.
Your file says i contacted the seller rights owner etc.(if i use it as stated)not the same words as per your advice.But similar wording)
I only received a SUSPECTED infringment x3.
I have had no contact with the seller,rights owner.They are gone.Asins are dead.I was never reported or anything.No problems with the chinese seller at all.Just amazon.
Do i still have to put down all the things of contacting that seller,rights owner etc.This is impossible as they are gone.Also i don’t have an actual violation.Just suspected.
Thanks Kika


The Plan of Action provided above is just an example to help you prepare your own one in the correct format, you will need to address your specific situation.

But it will not work in it’s current form as there are few effective steps and actions, as I already mentioned and it isn’t detailed enough.


Thanks Kika.Your the best :blush:


Be careful using anyone elses POA as a template for your own , as Amazon have stated doing so might, in itself, be a reason for your account not to be reinstated.
They want to see your own original work showing that you have understood the issues with your specific account and responded to them.
Ask for advice, but draft your own unique appeal.


The OP in the linked thread above, which is not related to this one in any way used a completely bad, paid for appeal which was just terrible and cannot be compared to the effective example POAs which I am sharing to help others.

As I already advised you, you need to address your own specific situation instead of copying full sentences.

The example’s main purpose is to show you the correct form, style and language which should be used when communicating with Amazon.


Not wishing to engage in a debate over this, so just a further word of caution

Victoria, an Amazon employee, didn’t reference any particular template, what she said was that using someone else’s appeal could cause your [the suspended persons] own appeal to be rejected simply for that reason alone…

So using someone elses appeal that has been used and adapted “thousands” of times, may now be considered by Amazon to be an indication that the suspended seller concerned is not actually identifying the specific problems with their own account.
But of course it’s up to you to decide.


Please follow my advice which already helped numerous sellers across the forums to have their suspensions lifted.

There are posters copying here unrelated quotes from different threads, which have nothing to do with the current discussion.

As I already mentioned, no one is advising you to copy the example, it’s only supposed to show you the correct format, style, wording and language.


Hi Guys.
I did use your advice.I also used the other advice.
I definately admitted my fault.It was not my fault as the items were generic.But as with amazom I addmitted i DID do something wrong for The appeals sake and how i did it wrong.
I changed about 70% of the wording.But again some things can’t be changed.IE Amazon,Appeal,words like that.So i think my appeal is wholely my own but with the common sense way of writing A reflection of yours but different wording.
Fingers crossed,it works.Also i say common sense,Yet i truly would not even have thought of most of these things without your help.


Strange as Amazon have told us (numerous times) that “suspected” ip infringements do not effect your account, it’s just a heads up for you to check and edit IF necessary, or delete the asin. These are not based on reports received from brand owners etc.


Amazon has never published any official statement saying that the Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints can be ignored.

They are no different or less serious than the other types of violations present within the Product Policy Compliance Dashboard:

The target is 0 complaints.


deleting the asin won’t work.I only had these items up for 1 day.Then they were deleted permanently.5 months later (just before they were going to disapear 180days i think) I received this suspension.
That means anyone listing an item even by mistake and get the warning could be suspended.My items were generic.BUT HONESTLY the chinese seller put their name in the title.So my own fault.Granted,hopefully this tread might warn others of my stupidity and avoid hassle for themselves.Hopefully


The problem is though, they don’t issue the suspected violation based on your data, they issue it based on teh product page, which could be anyones data.

There is zero opportunites for a seller with a large number of listings, to monitor this. Mainly because they ask you to edit teh listing but when YOUR data is 100% correct, but Amazon are using someone elses title for example, you will end up going round in circles with SS as they have no idea how their system works.


Every single item Amazon have flagged as potential ip infringement is wrong, all the items are 100% official. I have yet not been able to get a single one removed/fixed by following their instructions, as in ALL cases the restriction is based on another sellers data, so can’t be edited.


I agree that each of my listings which received the Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints was flagged incorrectly, but I always managed to have them successfully lifted by editing the listings.


What we can do when we press the EDIT button and see message that the products is removed from Amazon catalogue ?


You need to correct the titles and brand names entered in the listings.


Yes i understand that but it is removed from amazon catalogue, just negative metrics stay and nothing more about this asin.


i have 4 of these, the customer service advisor went on the phone to guide me through editing, the listings have been inactive for some time, although the title and picture are there on the menu, when i went to edit there was no title whatsoever and no image, he ran a diagnostic and then got me to email seller performance with the case id to get the listings/violations removed

he said he was unaware of anyone getting suspended for these violations, so who knows…