Is This UK forum for all EU now?


Loads of topics in many different languages- just wondering if it’s an EU forum now rather than UK


I think if the poster doesn’t choose a category, it shows up in the UK forum. I could be wrong but I’m sure it will be sorted soon.

I understand that other EU forums have similar problems of UK posts appearing on theirs.


Maybe not but apart from the Site Feedback category, all other categories are split into the UK, France, Italy, German, Spain and India forums so we shouldn’t expect to see other countries forum posts unless we choose to.


I was genuinely curious about all the posts coming in from everywhere.

Not being parochial- gee…


Well it’s clearly very glitchy.

I looked at one thread where all the posters seemed to be from Germany. When I clicked on the profile of one or two of the posters I got a ‘forbidden!’ message.

It seems to me that Amazon (not unusually) has imported this forum software from a third party before fully working out how to actually implement it!


I presume so.

So far since I’ve logged in I’ve had the dashboard show in Polish, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

The chance of getting english is currently about 75% of the time.


Greetings guys, I write from Italy: I find it a fun and not distracting novelty. First because it did not take long to read the posts of the other EU marketplaces now I see them and read them often. I consider all European sellers to be instructive on one forum. Ciao da Simona

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