Is White Background rule in action?


Hi, I was wondering if Handmade went through with the white background rule? As I would much prefer to switch back to my framed pictures instead which sell better.

Also is the white background rule in the other markets? (Europe, US, Can and Mex) or can I use the framed photos in those?

Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks,



It is ‘in action’ as from 30/6/21 per Amazon. However, you will still see loads of Handmade items showing without the white background until they are ‘caught by a bot’. Sometimes this can take a long time and other times they may be spotted quite quickly. When they are seen by the bot, the products will be suspended.
Amazon has given us the instructions and if you comply, your products won’t get suspended. It’s the same with the HTML code instructions - this was due on 19th July for Handmade, I’ve still got a few I’ve not got round to finishing yet out of 180+ products and so far they haven’t been suspended - BUT it could happen any day!
I’m not sure about other market places as don’t use them, but suspect it will be the same.
I’ve noticed some ‘non handmade’ who have used lifestyle pictures well before Handmade came in and clearly hadn’t been caught out, but that’s the risk you take if you want to do it. Who knows if it will impact the standing of your account?!! I’d personally not want to risk disobeying Amazon instructions given plenty of posts on the forum about account suspensions etc.
Hope this helps,