Issue sending FBA stock flagged as Box-Level Inventory Placement using non-Amazon Supported Carrier to BHX8


If I send FBA stock in bulk (well, more than one outer box) then Amazon selects Box-Level Inventory Placement but to use a non-Amazon supported carried it only gives the option (on all of my products) to ship to:

BHX8 - Unit A, Gateway, Coventry Hwy - B98 9AY - Redditch , - United Kingdom via Box-Level Inventory Placement.

However, BHX8 are rejecting all of our shipments and the only information we have back from the courier are comments like ‘no’ or ‘not accepting parcels’.

We have had a lot of boxes returned by the courier.

So now we are not able to send any stock using a non-Amazon courier as the only FC option I get is BHX8 who are not accepting parcels!

Amazon support have not resolved this after a week and now just say that an internal team are investigating.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or found a solution, other than using an Amazon approved carrier?