Issues with inbound goods


One of my shipment lost 420 units,it is a really big loss for us.Thus I opened case with the PODs attached,which are Amazon gave our carrier and shows the details of the goods we shipped.And we checked with our carrier so we are pretty sure Amazon warehouse received our goods.
Firstly,Amazon said our shipment was not completed or shipped correctly,as a result Amazon would not take any liability over the missing units,because we did not print the pallet labels and box labels for the shipment.
Then I replied, if we did not print and present the labels on the pallet and boxes, you would send our a email about the mistakes,and take photos about the boxes,just like what they do when they rejected our this shipment once.But we did not receive any information about the labels things before I found our units were missing.
After this Amazon requested us to offer the purchase invoice,all right we do as they said.Even though, they back to what started,gave us the same answer as the first answer.
With no detail,no records of investigation,their excuses only.
Now,they refuse to reply any cases about the shipment concerned.
What should we do? Let it go?


At the end of the day, what you do, is up to you.
Is it worth pursuing?
If so, then if they are refusing to answer any further, your only option is the MD.


Thanks,tired of pursuing.