Issues with Parent & Child Variations


We have a lot of products listed on Amazon in PAN that have variations. We are finding out by pure chance that a lot of child variations are no longer asscociated with their Parent ASIN any more. Not only that but in a lot of cases bullets points and details are missing. Are we just very unlucky or is this happening to other sellers?


I am a new seller this has been happening to me too, ‘support’ have been nothing but useless telling me to delete my listing and relist my items and then sending me some automatic reply crap in how parent and child variations work.


This is also my problem. my parent asin and the child asins are all standing alone and i am not able to combine them back. support is giving me the same answer delete and recreate it. have anyone resolve this problem yet?


Hello I have had to hire a third party company to help reloading flat files to fix the issues, they are very good and I can recommend them if you like to pm. Unfortunately this is the only way to fix this issues, Amazon will not do this work for you