Item prices not showing on listing


My items are active but not showing a price until you get to checkout, my items are the only ones like this when I do a search. Any reason, have I missed something?


Are you new to selling?

I believe you can’t get the buybox for a set period of time (maybe 90 days?)


How on earth am I supposed to sell something without a buy button?


We all started that way and managed perfectly fine.

Customers can still see the price before they go in, and will as you noted see the price at the checkout, you just won’t have the big box on the right advertising your price/delivery time/fulfilment choice etc for a couple of months.


you still have a buy button but it just doesn’t display the price


Amazon don’t understand that their BB system should ALWAYS make sure that a seller has the BB, and that a product listing is NEVER displayed without at least one seller having the buy button.

This is really basic stuff. However Amazon developers seem to be very poor.


You need to upgrade to a professional selling plan this is not only a requirement for Handmade, but necessary to be eligible for the buybox.
When you upgrade, the products tab will appear in the red box.


Professional selling plan is mandatory to be accepted for Handmade, so every shop on handmade is on the professional selling plan - it’s just our monthly fees are waived (atm).