Item returned by customer as "Defective" as they found cheaper elsewhere, after opening, using, and damaging product


Returned date - 24 January 2023

Amazon Order ID - xxxx

Merchant SKU - xxxxx

Full image of unit -

Damage images -

Image of the tracking label or packing slip from the package that contained the damaged unit-


Image of the damage to the shipping box - N/A - Shipping box not damaged

Customer Return Reason - “I found a better price elsewhere”

Further details of your issue - This item was shipped in perfect condition, sealed, factory new, there was no defect, or faulty with this item.

This item has been opened, played with, damaged, and returned under the “Defective” disposition, a blatant lie from the customer, as they clearly state “Customer Return Reason - " I found a better price elsewhere”". This item is now unusable, unsellable, and only fit to be destroyed.

Customer has obviously marked this as defective to get around Amazons automatic returns policy, as they know they had no grounds for a return.

Please explain to me, and let me know how to resolve this issue. The customer bought with, used, and damaged the item, then returned it as they simply no longer wanted it. How can I be reimbursed for this, as the customer had no grounds for return, unless this was returned as it was sent, sealed, and unused.


How can I get Amazon to understand, and take ownership of this issue ? I have been back and forth for 3 days, but keep receiving the same response “Item was received to the FC defective, and cannot be sold”.

It’s only defective, as the customer used it, wrecked it, and has deemed it defective.

I’m going round in circles, and no-one seems to comprehend that the customer is at fault ?


Hello @Cain_Retail,

Amazon does not accept responsibility or reimburse for returned items that are damaged by a customer, subject to recall, are defective or in violation of Amazon policies, or other similar reasons.
In manner to reduce the lost you can consider ohter selling options for that item (ex. used)


So Amazon is perfectly fine with me “buying” board games, inviting my friends and relatives around, playing with all the board games, then returning them for a refund?


Apparently so.

I kept asking if I could order a £2000 TV, unbox it and smash it to bits, then return it for a full refund, and no-one would answer me.


" When Amazon state sellers may not pursue customers, the assumption is then Amazon will do the right thing by the seller such as taking the hit themselves, clearly this is not the case and I’d say there is an unfair contract case in the making against Amazon very shortly …

“The law” would say differently …

Accepting returns and giving refunds: the law

When you do and do not have to offer a refund, repair or replacement, unconditional refunds for online purchases, and penalties for deceiving customers

When you do not have to offer a refund

You do not have to refund a customer if they:

  • knew an item was faulty when they bought it
  • damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it (though they may still have the right to a repair, replacement or partial refund)
  • no longer want an item (for example because it’s the wrong size or colour) unless they bought it without seeing it"


Actually I think you could play with the games, tip them out of the box and return the empty box and still get a full refund - it works with boxed cards, people remove the card and send the empty box back


Could you advise if this was refunded at first scan under the new returns process, as if this is the case, you can appeal using the SafeT claim, we have had a lot of success with similar scenarios - presume as the return reason was found better price, then Amazon will have deducted the return postage cost from the refund to the customer, so at least you will not have paid for that.

Personally I would try this, and then also sell the product as used, it looks like the product is intact so am sure someone would snap it up if the price was right.


FBA I think…


How do I check this? I am quite new, and not sure what a SafeT claim is, or where to check anything about refunds.

I trusted Amazon to look after everything, and hold their end of the deal up!