Item sold FBA but have received a buyer message that it's not been received


I sell purely FBA but have just received a message from a customer that her parcel is missing.
I thought all communication was routed to Amazon on FBA items. This hasn’t happened before in 5 months of selling.
Should I reply or try to get in touch with Seller Support? (Part of the reason I only do FBA was so Amazon take care of all this!)



Reply and ask the customer to contact Amazon Customer Services, as all delivery concerns for FBA items need to be addressed to them.

This is the text I usually use:

We’re very sorry to hear you have not yet received your order. This item was dispatched by Amazon and they have requested all delivery enquiries are dealt with by them. At the bottom of the Amazon website click “Help”, then scroll down to “Browse Help Topics”, click “Need More Help?” then “Contact Us”.
We’re unable to send out a replacement ourselves as all our stock is held in Amazon’s warehouses.


I found this has happened a couple of times. I would reply with something like…

I am sorry to hear your item has not arrived.

As this item was fulfilled by Amazon (i.e. Amazon was responsible for shipping the product to you from their warehouse) you will need to contact Amazon Customer Service as they will be able to resolve this for you. Unfortunately, I do not have access to tracking for this order as it was sent to you from Amazon warehouses so can’t investigate any further myself.

You can contact them via your account, or they have given me the link below for you to use.


Thank you for the speedy responses, I’ve concocted a reply to the customer which utilises parts of both of your suggestions. Here’s hoping I don’t get a neg now!


If you get a neg it will most likely be removed very easily, as Amazon will accept responsibility for the package.


Getting harder to get them removed now,depends how the buyer has worded the feedback