Items cannot be entered into seconds


Hi all, I’m new to this and have come across some situations I can’t resolve, any advice I can take will be taken and tried, thank you all very much!
When I submitted the seconds, one item said “This ASIN is ineligible for the deal because it does not have a validated reference price.” I’ve asked customer service but there’s no help, I’ll consider any help I can get, thank you all very much!


Not sure what you mean by “seconds” but in any case, the reference price is the original price. As you are entering a deal, in other words, some sort of money off offer, the system needs to know what the original or previous or the manufacturer recommended price is so that it can work out a percentage discount. That price must be able to be validated by Amazon, you can’t just say for example “was £100” when you never sold it for £100.



If you would like to read more about Reference Price, please take a look at this Help Page: Amazon Policy on Reference Prices.



Thank you for your reply. My problem is that my product is not eligible for Deal, but this product has just been in deal before and when I submitted it for the next one, Amazon told me that “This ASIN is ineligible for the deal because it does not have a validated reference price.” , then I asked customer service and he told me to update the price, but that didn’t work either, if this issue is not fixed, my product will remain unavailable for Deal and Prime Exclusive Discounts.


Since the change in item attribute pages mid october Prime Exclusive Deals are being suppressed across the platform.There is no fix,you will have to forget running PED’s unfortunately the deal system is broken & Amazon appear to have no desire to fix it.


If you mean a sale, you cannot create a sale within 30 days of a previous sale


He means PED’s previousy could rerun these each time one expired but are they now all supressed due to reference price.


yes, so I don’t know how to do