Items sent to amazon vendor ending up in my FBA stocl


I’ve noticed that a lot of the stock that i send to vendor is ending up in my FBA stock. I’ve stopped sending certain inventory to FBA as Amazon are buying it through vendor, but some of it is showing up as inventory found in my FBA account. I have no idea how this is happening and vendor customer services don’t seem to care. So i don’t know what to do


Yep, happened to me, a lot, and ended up having to recall the stock, and obviously didn’t get paid :frowning:

One reply from vendor support suggested that the stock being sent to vendor should not have the FNSKU barcode on it, but instead our vendor SKU, but even when i tried that things went missing and later turned up in our fba stock, but slightly less often!

In the end we gave up with vendor as I was spending hours sending in POD’s and documentation, and Amazon would just reject it and we wouldn’t get paid.


Thanks for that. Do you know how i go about getting barcodes showing the vendor SKU. All the ones i can print from my amazon inventory are FNSKU.