Items Sent Without Additional Packaging


Just a moan really as it’s becoming really annoying that one of our items qualifies for this and customers keep complaining to me about the item arriving with stickers plastered all over it and their kids seeing their Xmas present.

It’s obviously not visible enough that the item will be sent without a packing box and in my opinion should not be the default option or at the very least made clear that they must select so if they require packaging.


I can’t remember what it is, but there is an option to opt out of “Frustration free packaging” or “Ships in own box” or whatever it is called.
One of the FBA experts should be able to help you though


Ahhh you mean as a seller I can opt out of it. That would be handy!


As far as I am aware there is no option to opt-out :confused: I would appreciate the option too, but I don’t think it exists.


From a thread on .com, where exactly the same issue was raised…
Maybe open a case and citing the same as that seller ask SS to change the “SIOC” setting to false

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,
From your email, I understand that are concerned about the ASIN: B01N911HME that is being sent in the own container.
Upon checking, I see that the shipping setting for ASIN B01N911HME is set to ship in own container. As per the process, the ASIN snickering will be done as per Ships in own container.
Please know in an effort to improve fulfillment processes and improve the overall Customer Experience, Amazon regularly reviews inventory to provide a better customer experience. An ASIN is deemed SIOC (Ships in own container) when it passes both a visual and physical evaluation. All single shipments will then not require an Amazon overbox.
The ASINs are monitored by the Customer Packaging Experience Team and if damage rates or negative packaging feedback increase because of the SIOC recommendation, Customer Packaging Experience Team will remove the certification.
Have a nice day.


I’m a little bit concerned that the products have developed sentience.


Thanks Adrian, I’ve opened a case so we shall wait and see…

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