I've added info to my user 'profile' - can anyone see it!


Well, I’ve added some info to my user profile, but can anyone actually see that info?
Useful to put stuff in there, anyone reading it can see some useful info.

EDIT: yes you can = click username and the pop-up shows all Profile info including location and web link. beware, there’s a text limit on the main profile text. Cheers to the young and good looking “anglozone” for the help.


Looking :eyes: Good from here Legend !
Ps what is that thing on your avatar… a jaberwocky or what? lol


OK - so how do you see my profile? I cant see yours or is it that you just have not completed it?
can you see my website address listed too?


hang on I’ll send you a screenshot…


GOT YA - just hovering over the username brings that info up - excellent. No need for a screenshot, old bean.


less of the old cheeky bu**er! :smiley:


Sorry, I’m officially a “grumpy old git” as I hit 50 last year :frowning: bah, humbug. I tend to tar everyone with my own brush!!
OOH you live in the Dordogne. Bl**dy lovely. Fancy selling dice on amazon.fr ? - i do a lot of export to france, but would rather not have to - any french based sellers who want to buy at wholesale from tradedice to resell on french amazon would be welcome!


My sous-sol already looks like one of Amazons depots, so I’ll decline your very kind offer ( this time) Love pc games tho!


well… if you ever want to add a new line…


I’ll think about it! :wink:


Gotta :hearts: that, you old charmer you !..


wondered if you’d notice…


Its me in the morning…
nah its an Ogre miniature figure from an old Dungeons and Dragons figure set that I painted up a good few years ago.

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