July 1st changes


I am at my wits end with what is meant to happen on this day. I sell my orders mainly in the UK and the rest of the world (USA Australia etc). If I turn off all my shipping to Europe, will amazon be collecting money upfront for customs? I am unable to digest anything other then the most simplest of things due to Menieres and old age so I am getting very stressed. I send out my items via Royal Mail using either letter or large letter myself so am not sure what I am meant to do. I do not sell much in Europe so am happy to just not sell there at all if it makes things easier. What do I do in simple terms please


Stress is a killer, no joke. Close your Amazon account and sell elsewhere. It’s not worth risking your health or worse case scenario your life.


I am only stressed because I don’t know what I have to do, once I do I will be fine.


Have you been selling to eu since January ? If so, come July, it will actually be easier as amazon will be dealing with customs from then on - you just need to electronically input their number

If your sales to eu are small, forget about it and leave your holiday settings on and then no stress


If I switch off EU but still sell to the rest of the world will that still give me the same problem, or is this something that is only affecting the sales to EU?


Really! What about the compulsory commercial invoice that has to now accompany every parcel


Not wanting to hijack this post, but im getting stressed too and im not sure what to do. Can someone explain this to me like in 5 ? or is there a simple easy to understand explanation that i can read through ?

I sell products to the EU primarily on Amazon, also some on Ebay. products range anywhere from £5 - £300, in rare cases i have some high end products that can sell up to £10,000, but thats a very rare occasion. And yes im VAT registered.


Switch to FBA on your best selling items, they will put the invoice in for you. And disable your EU listings that are seller fulfilled.


What commercial invoice ? Royal mail only specify that you need prerecorded electronic customs notice as well as CN22


Is that on click and drop international orders?

I use International PPI services as it is much cheaper than click and drop, i just stick the address label with PPI above, a CN22 customs sticker and airmail sticker and does the job , this works currently and i have not had to do electronic customs declaration


From 1st July you’ll have to do it electronically - not ppi
You’ll need to pre advise amazons ioss number and the only way will be click and drop - personal or business


I just print an invoice and stick it on now anyway. Takes about 7 seconds.


So if i have this right, i sell a product on amazon.de for 200 Euros, amazon collects the VAT which they will remit to Germany and i will be able to use amazon’s IOSS number on click and drop which will be used at customs to say that VAT has been paid ?


Over €150 has different rules
All my stock is under that so I can’t comment on those rules