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Im a glass maker and make paperweights etc but also have a line in making ashes in glass which I sell on Etsy and would like to sell these on Amazon so I applied to Amazon Handmade and was accepted but whenever I try and add new products I get asked for the barcodes ? I thought being approved on Handmade meant these wouldnt be needed ? or am I just doing something wrong ? I have watched many videos but most have a different screen than I get , Im stuck and would love some advice
Thank you


The only videos you should watch are those in Amazon’s own Seller University - link at the bottom of your seller account page


You’re right that you don’t need barcodes. Try contacting seller support to see if the ‘handmade’ part of your account is set up correctly.
Top right hand side of your screen - help. Scroll to the bottom, in the centre “need more help/ get support” / selling on handmade. You can opt for a callback or an email of support.
Then when you go back to the help section at the bottom on the right, you’ll see ‘case log’ and this is where you can see all cases that you ever ask for help.
You will need to provide an SKU - which is your own number as a reference for your products.
Hope this helps.

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