Just registered with amazon eu seller, but problems



We have just registered and uploaded all the documents needed, edited bank information, my credit card info for payments etc… But all the marketplaces (uk,es,it,de,fr) says amazon suspended account check your mail for information, and I dont have any mail on none of the message boxes (inbox, junk etc) Iam using contact support and creating a case, after some time I see its status as answered but there are no emails on my mail, there are no answers on the case log : just my messages. I dont know what to do. What can I do the really contact someone ? I cant find what is wrıng or what couldnt be verified so I fix it…


Verification is not dealt with by Seller Support. It’s dealt with by a different team.

In seller central click the flag icon at the top next to the Seller Central logo. Important notifications including verification messages go there instead of your regular seller central messages.