Just Signed up to EFN but listings not showing


Hi folks

So we are new to EFN. We are now fully enrolled with cross-border settings amended

I have listings in the FR Marketplace and UK under the same SKU but the listing is still showing Out of Stock in the FR Marketplace. I also have stock in UK FC’s

What am i missing?


Few possibilities

Are you checking with a French address ?
Have you checked your fr account is up and running

Have you used the tool checker to see why your asins are not eligible for efn ?

Have you also read the help pages on EPR in France?


Morning @The_Little_Shop Id hoped you’d pop up haha

Just to clarify, it’s the listing in Manage Inventory

So here’s the current situation. I have a listing for a product in the UK Marketplace

I have added the same listing in the FR Marketplace but as you can see the listing is inactive

Using the tool I got this response


Did you go through the help pages ?


Did you use BIL to synch your stock as it looks like your price in France is the same price as UK (currency converted) which means you will be quite a bit out of pocket when they deduct the EFN fees and VAT


Just taken a look at BIL and this is the current status of Amazon FR


Ah just a case of waiting and following those instructions then


If they are still not showing properly, then there is an EFN report that you can run, which will give you the reasons why they are no showing.
You will probably find that a lot give the reason, “Export restrictions prevent this product from being sold in the selected country. If eligibility changes for this ASIN, it will automatically be added to Remote Fulfillment. No further action necessary.”

If you get this one, then forget about getting it listed! :slight_smile:


Hey @CampervanBits,

Are your listings showing now?



If if’s ok to ask, why are you saying don’t bother? I have the same “Export restrictions prevent this product from being sold in the selected country…" on all 4 of our ASINs, yet we have sales from the very same 4 EU countries, fulfilled by UK fulfilment centres.

I know all 4 are classified by Hazmat as a dangerous good, but I have EU sales fulfilled by UK FC’s?? how is this different? I have gone through the Central seller help but all I get is “The internal team are looking into this and I will get back to you” that was 30 days ago!


Though this is from 3 months ago, it’s a little difficult to actually remember what was happening!

In any case, I was talking specifically about using EFN.
Whenever your given that reason for a product not being on EFN, it’s nigh on impossible to get it overturned.
If your talking about Global sales with Amazon, that’s a different kettle of fish entirely.


Many thanks for the prompt reply. I’m usually like a dog with a bone, and never let anything like this get the better of me.

Not sure which I’ve ran out of - bone - or patience

I’ve ‘wasted’ many hours chasing mine and Amazon’s tail.

My 3 ASINs are a dangerous good which may be a red herring (not literally​:wink::yum:)

Is there anyone / a department / account manager that can help?

I am amazed that Amazon know about the issue but are doing nothing to resolve it


Not sure anyone can help if it’s restricted to send them

Go to help pages and search European Fulfillment Network between the UK and the EU
And at the bottom of the page is says EFN cross border handbook


Thanks, I have had a look at the handbook and the words needle and haystack spring to mind. In essence, the process is the same. The only difference being the EU customer has visibility of our products on Amazon.IT, Amazon.DE etc as opposed to Amazon.co.uk. I can’t see why there can be any restrictions when Amazon have already fulfilled orders through UK FC’s


Page 10 - faqs


You’re a legend. Many thanks.

Looks like we will have to keep an eye on this one and see when (if) this changes.

Many thanks. Won’t get the 50+ hrs back I have spent going round in circles with SC ‘help’ but atleast have some closure. Thanks again