Keyword no impressions


One of the products we sell is Charcoal asin B08B44VJXT. We are a medium user of Amazon Product PPC, with a fair bit of experience and spend about £20k per month.

We have an auto campaign running for this asin which works well, but has never used a search term of “charcoal”.

I have a broad match campaign and exact match campaign, which both have a keyword of “charcoal”.

No matter what I bid, I get zero impressions for the search term “charcoal”.

I can see competitors ads are being served for the keyword “charcoal”.

For some reason the keyword “charcoal” is being suppressed for me, but I cannot see why.

On all other non-amazon channels my highest performing keyword for this product is “charcoal”

Any clues where to look, or routes to take to resolve this?



just bumping this to se if anyone can help. Amazon are useless…