Labelling and wrapping for a fragile product with auto generated product id


I have a product which is fragile, weights approx 0.5 kg and I am unclear what wrapping is required if I want to use FBA fulfilment. The product comes in a nice gift carton box, but it may break if delivered via post. Is there a way I can establish the best packaging required for my product and get a confirmation from Amazon before I ship a product?

Or perhaps I can ship a single product?

Also in my case there is no standard barcode, a product id was auto - generated. Does it mean that I have to arrange for labels and put them on each item? Also will I need an additional label for a box of items?

Thanks a lot!


Packing fragile items:
Product barcode requirements:
Other packaging requirements:
FBA prep videos:

Yes, one FNSKU label on each item. The items go into a box (or multiple boxes), then each shipping box needs an FBA barcode that lets the FC know what’s in the box. When you go through the FBA shipment workflow it should become obvious what you have to do.

I’d also advise that you use the UPS partnered carrier option if it’s available for you as it’s generally quicker delivery and pretty cheap too (about £3.65+VAT for a 15kg box).