Labelling for the first time



When I polybag a board game or a book, will the sku barcode be scannable if I put the label covering the original barcode on top of the product but beneath the polybag? Or I should better put a blank label on top of the manufacturer barcode and then my SKU label on top of the polybag?



Yes, it should still be scannable, unless you’re using a particularly opaque polybag. If so, the second method would be preferable. It might be worth getting a cheap barcode scanner so you can test your barcodes yourself. Mobile phone based scanners use image recognition so can sometimes read fuzzy barcodes a lot better than regular scanners can.


Maybe it is a good idea to buy a barcode scanner then just for piece of mind, I think I read somewhere that Amazon prefers the barcode to be in the outside of the prep material, maybe it only applies to bubble wrap, not sure if also to transparent poly bag, that is why I ask, in case I keep the barcode beneath the polybag and got issues in the warehouse.