Large items - Label requirements


Hello, apologies for a newbie question, but I’m preparing my first FBA shipment. Our product is boxed ready for dispatch and is 65x47x47cm, with our EAN barcode already on the outside - so I want to use stickerless inventory.

I can get 6 products on a pallet, but on the FBA Send/Replenish Inventory page I’m being asked to print box labels as well as pallet labels - which would mean that my FBA box label would still be stuck to the box that gets shipped to the customer.

Is this right? I don’t particularly want the end customer to see the FBA box label as it contains my address.


Many FBA products cannot have EAN labels the have to have FNSKU labels.My FNSKU labels dont have address on.


I think the EAN isn’t the issue - on the ‘Label Products’ tab it correctly recognises that I don’t need labels as we’ve set it as manufacturer labelling under settings.


I’m not entirely sure what has gone on with this, but, does it really matter if the customer sees your address on the item?
They have access to this information in any case.


Is there not an exemption to this when each box contains a single unit and they have FNSKU barcodes?

There’s an alternative here (treat the whole pallet as one box, but I’m not sure that’s the best way to do it):


They are being collected from a storage facility rather than our business address - which is why I’d rather the customer didn’t see the address.


OK Thanks @BarryM I’ll give that a go.


Follow up question - I have my 13 digit EAN/GTIN code already showing on my product packaging, and under ‘Label Requirements’ FBA says “Item labels are not required for the products in your plan.”

Do I need to generate FNSKU labels and also attach them to my products? My understanding was that I could use stickerless and that Amazon would use the EAN barcode.


Yeah, that’s what it means by labels are not required. They’ll just use the EAN barcodes.

It is generally best to use FNSKU (X0…) barcodes because the inventory is attached to you. If there is counterfeit stock in the FC and it gets sent out as your sale (because you’re using commingled inventory), it’s you at fault even though it’s not actually your stock.


Ok great thanks @BarryM. It’s a brand new product that we make ourselves and nobody else is able to sell them so I’m not currently too worried about the commingled risk.


Essentially I take it you mean you run the business from your home and don’t want the end user knowing / thinking you’ve got a house full of juicy “gear” from a security POV. Sensible!
However, as others have pointed out UK businesses have to have their place of business information available. Think of the customer POV trying to complain and a qucik interent search shows as some ‘ghost company’ working from a generic multi unit storage unit. You know it’s legit (hopefully!!! Lol!) but it doesn’t exactly instill buyer confidence. Well, that’s the thinking anyway.
I’ve run plenty businesses from my home - I just opt for a Rottweiller and an emormous pig (seriously!).


Think of the customer POV trying to complain and a qucik interent search shows as some ‘ghost company’ working from a generic multi unit storage unit.

What would be so ghostly about that? You’d be suprised at the big businesses that use business self storage solutions.

I shared one with myhermes who no doubt have handled a lot of amazon parcels, maybe even yours. That was a cool site, we used to meet in the car park every morning to hand over parcels. I would effectively get 1 day delivery at no extra cost as long as it was handed over to them before their lorry came. They gave me loads of free warehouse equipment for as long as I kept shipping with them like roll cages and collection bags.