Large oversize products like Mattress and Bed sets


Hello Guys,

I am selling Mattress and Bed sets which are oversize But a lot of large oversize items sale in amazon by note: “Dispatched from and sold by Amazon”.

How are they doing?

Could you share any experience for large oversize products on FBA ?

Any Suggestions would be appreciated.



I would imagine that the only people doing this, are Amazon themselves.
I’m not entirely sure of the sizes for oversize items, but I’m pretty sure, beds at least, are going to be too big. But don’t take my word for it.
I know a lot of mattress’ come rolled up these days, so shouldn’t be a major issue in that regard.
But there is now the “Heavy and large” program, that you might be interested in.
I’m in the process of being enrolled. It doesn’t give you the prime badge, but does make deliveries etc a lot easier. At least from the customers point of view.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for the reply and appreciate it.

If possible, can you please give some info on “Heavy and large” program you said.



Take a look at:


Thank you so much Neil