Large Product Shipping To FBA Centre


You plan to ship tubs of paint to Amazon?
Have you got the Hazmat approval for starters?
And how are you packaging the individual tubs? as they are supposed to be able to survive a 3 foot drop test without risk of spillage…


This is all new to me…

I haven’t been asked any of that when going through the prepare shipment pages etc.

People are selling paint via FBA so It seems possible?


It’s certainly possible, but you will need to obtain hazmat approval prior to sending paint to FBA, unless I’m very much mistaken…
And if Billy in the warehouse drops a can what will prevent your tub from breaking open?

This might help you


Examples of products that might be regulated as dangerous goods (Hazmat)

Dangerous goods (also called Hazmat) are substances or materials that might pose a risk while storing, handling or transporting because they contain flammable, pressurised, corrosive or otherwise harmful substances. The list of products below does not contain every potential dangerous good in each category, but represent the types of dangerous goods that you might encounter among your listings, and can therefore serve as good examples to increase your ability to identify dangerous goods.

To learn more about dangerous goods, see the Dangerous goods identification guide. You can also watch the following videos in Seller University:

Information on Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Awareness

If products are regulated as dangerous goods, you must provide Amazon with specific product information and documentation (for example, a Safety Data Sheet) via the Upload dangerous goods documents tool. For more information, see Required dangerous goods information and documentation.

Use the Look up an ASIN tool to check the classification status of your FBA ASIN.

Is my product dangerous goods?

What would you like to do?

Look up an ASIN

Dangerous Goods FAQ


Thanks for your info Adrian.

I have messaged Amazon seller support re packaging and said its paint so you’d like to think they’d flag this up re hazmat. If not then I guess id better mention.

In terms of Billy dropping items, Ill have to think that part through.


Check the Summary arrow I just added in the post above yours.


Thanks Adrian.

Uploading a data sheet would be easy to sort.

Just trying to think about the 3 feet drop test and options for that? :thinking:


We send a fair amount of paint products to FBA. Its a pain and generally not worth the hassle due to the prep required in advance. Especially for 5 litre cans.

Are you aware of this page:

My tip would be to enrol in SFP and ship via DPD


Hey thanks for the info cdavies most appreciated ill take a look.

Do you not pay for Amazon to sort that side of it for you?


Can I ask what SFP is ?



Seller Fulfilled prime…


Hi Adrian

I didn’t even know that was a thing, thanks.

So how does that work?

Are DPD competitive when it comes to delivery cost of something such as a 10 litre tub of emulsion?


Seller Fulfilled Prime

Get some quotes and find out. Everyone here will have different rates depending on which carrier they choose their products and amount they ship.


DPD are the only option for SFP at the moment with paint. Amazon logistics wont touch it but its worth asking especially if you are in their catchment area (i’m not)

DPD can be pain with paint and Hazmat products.

I don’t believe that FBA will prep paint… I did question this with their support however it might have changed since.


Can I ask if I am getting amazon to do all the prep and labelling, what will I need at minimum on any product I send in so they know its from me?

Can I take the goods to the FC myself?


I wouldn’t trust Amazon to appropriately prep your inventory. They’ll be able to work with just the product barcode if you’ve asked them to label it too (unless it’s a listing where the seller must label it, but those are usually just for non-new conditions)

Not usually, but there is a very painful way to do it yourself. You do the shipment as usual through Seller Central, then you book a delivery slot through Carrier Central at the FC Amazon wants the shipment to go to (anywhere from Swansea to Dunfermline to Tilbury - and anywhere in between). The delivery slot is likely to be something like 4:30am. You need to be in a sprinter/transit van or larger. Cars and car-derived vans are not acceptable. You also need to have suitable PPE i.e. protective boots, hiviz vest.


Thanks again.

So I can literally send In 10 x tubs of unmarked paint and they’ll know its from me the barcode?


Yes, and they will not be happy unless you have protected those tubs to prevent spillage in the event any or all are dropped, and have also completed Hazmat as previously advised.


Ok but how do they know the stock has come from me?


own label. I would not have wanted my stock to mix with anyone elses (co-mingle). You have your own label which you printed and label with additional packaging before sending into warehouse…


Because the shipping box label is unique to you.