Late dispatch strike but shipped on time


my bad, its there, its just moved place on my inventory list. And it now reads ‘2’ on handling time. Looks like I have a few days work in front of me…


Would they al be amendable by a file upload of some kind? I’d love to confirm but we integrate our listings via an integrator.


possibly. But individual sellers get almost no tools or control.


Can you change it back to 2 days in your account shipping settings?

I’d love to try this but for me the shipping settings page won’t load so I don’t know if that will work or not.


Account level handling times are a perk of the pro selling plan, OP is on individual.

If the page isn’t loading, have you tried clearing your browser history/cache etc? Or tried loading in an incognito window?


The only thing I have found that appears to work is editing every single item one by one. I sell second hand books, no duplicates, so literally all my 800 item inventory. And even then I wont be certain until I actually get an order.


Amazon ‘support’ is so useless its beyond parody. I have queried this twice now. The first reply used quite a lot of words to say absolutely nothing at all. The second addressed my query as if I had a professional seller account, even though I have stated I dont.
Neither of the 'replies ’ said why this has happened, or if everyone else has the same problem, even though I asked. Do any actual people work for Amazon at all ?


I have noticed a couple of other threads stating a similar issue to you (handling all of a sudden changes to 1 day without notice). I imagine it is related to all new sellers moving to 1 day and it’s impacted everyone.

To be honest, you will find it hard to get the answer from seller support. They won’t know anything about it and your likely to just get frustrated.

If it’s not putting your account in jeopardy, I’d suggest you draw a line under it and either move to 1 day or work to change your handling to 2 day at SKU level.


This might be connected with SSA, which Amazon foisted on us all recently.

There are lots of threads on it, this is a fairly recent one:


It’s not obligatory. I wouldn’t activate it if you paid me.


It is activated by default, as far as I know - it was forced on to my account.


‘‘or work to change your handling to 2 day at SKU level.’’ Over 800 different items ! ( books )


As you’ve found the file upload is only applicable to pro sellers. In amazons defence I would have throughly they never would have anticipated an individual selling plan user with 800 items.

Not a lot I can advise there though!


I guess that really depends what you sell.
I have an inventory of 4900 items, all second-hand books and some other media items, all single items. I was on the Pro plan for years, but over the last year or so my sales dropped significantly, to round about 30 a month (and less), so am now on the individual plan.


Its time to give up trying to get any sense from these people. You might just as well talk to the wall. i queried it three times in all, never got a sensible answer to anything. The last time I explained very carefully that I was an individual seller and did not have access to many tools. This was the reply
''We would like to inform you that the after complete review we determined that your account is Individual. However the feature of updating shipping template is available to professional sellers. Hence we will be unable to help in this regard…

Utterly pathetic.

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