Late refund A to Z claim, complicated claim - Goods sent back in dribs and were still on an open invoice



Ive had an a to z claim opened and unfortunately the case was quite complicated. Customer ordered 9 products and wished to send back 5 of them. We authorise and receive 2 items by courier. The next 2 weeks we receive another 3 by courier. Now 2 days ago we receive a further 4 by courier. Over the course of a month.

We were confused as they were sent to us in dribs and drabs, no communication and the purchase was on invoice so not yet paid, so from a refund aspect again unsure on how to proceed. Unsure how this worked I havent responded and now there is an a to z claim which im unsure on how to handle, shall I just get this customer refunded? and accept the claim? as im sure this will be detrimental to our account


Also the claim was for item different to ordered item. Its the exact thing the customer ordered. If that helps


Little bit confused I have to confess.

Firstly - are these FBM orders or SFP orders?

Is the A2Z for the order that the return requests were for or unrelated?

Essentially you should refund for each part of an order as it comes in. I’m not aware of any process difference between an open invoice order or a fully paid order.

If the goods have been returned in a poor state then you can choose to only make a partial refund.


They are FBM orders. The A2Z is for related items but as per my discovery below the items havent been returned to us, no packing slip was included but we have managed to find out who the buyer is from the name on returns section on shipping label…

On opening the returns boxes I have noticed a major discrepancy. Without too much info ill forward details, do hope I haven’t been majorly duped here and that amazon will stand with us on this…

Note. All our items are very distinctive as we fit our own custom skins to each machine. All 9 units were fitted with said skins.

Items we sent;
9x Dell Laptops, Dual Core, 2GB Ram, 80-250GB HDD (greater than listing spec) with Windows 7 and 9x Chargers

We have received in return
6 of the models we have sent the buyer, 4 of which with no skin, different HDD and ram, the majority with a fault and or different operating system. They definitely do not look like our stock. 2 of them possibly are.
3 models different to that which were sent, majority older models
No chargers have been returned
All units returned in boxes with no bubble wrap or protection. Further testing needed.



Then send the scammer buyer an email to say that upon examination of the returns it appears that he has inadvertently sent you the wrong items and that therefore you are unable to refund at this point.
Once you receive the correct items back, in the condition that they were received, you will of course, initiate the refund.
If this goes to A-Z, and IF you lose then immediately send the buyer a LBA which will explain the consequences of his not returning, or paying for, your goods by XXXX date.
In this case you would certainly follow up an LBA with SCC if the buyer did not return or pay.


Its already at A2Z stage, are we still able to message buyer to resolve?


Submit all your evidence to the A-Z team [you have to open a case to upload documents/photos and ask them to forward them on [so fully reference the claim in your case.
Do not refund anything yourself as the defect is already there so you gain nothing by doing so.
Ask for the claim to be denied due to multiple issues with the returned items.
If you lose then immediately go full steam ahead with the LBA and SCC action.
Keep ALL legal actions and mentions strictly off Amazon and stick to snail mail for those.



Dear Amazon,

I am writing regarding a recent returns request which has now escalated to an A to Z claim. The case number is:
I would like to ask that the claim is denied due to multiple issues with the returned items.


  • Items shipped without packing slip in seperate consignments on the dates 25/10, Wc 11/11 and finally 18/11. They were untracable until now as we have matched the returns address from the shipping label on Amazon
  • 3 Items are different models to those that we shipped
  • Of 6 similar models, only 2 are similar to those sent, with different parts or softwares
  • Of the 2 items mentioned above, Items were sent without packing protection. They need further inspection
  • All 9 of the above items were sent without the chargers that we originally included
  • 3 of the items returned have major hardware faults

Therefor we require the claim to be denied so that we can arrange a suitable way to have these goods returned to the customer.

Kind Regards,


Personally I would drop the opening line and be more specific with the rest of the response.
3 items are different?
So add photos which highlight the difference, and specify exactly what those differences are.
Serial number mismatches? Component part switches?
be specific
6 similar models, are they the same units that you sent or only “similar”. Be detailed if you want Amazon to reject the claim.

So quickly inspect them and add the issues that you find.

Good, keep this

Which 3 items? and exactly what “faults”
be careful using that word as faulty means a customer refund
Do you actually mean switched items, damaged items or manufacturer faults?
It makes a big difference

I know this will be a pain but it’s 9 computers so not like a £10 sale…


Good on you Adrian, that’s some quality help right there!


Thank you. Ive sent across a detailed explanation. Account is now at risk as over 1%. Just wondering how to handle this one now and how long it will take AMZ to respond :confused: would an LBA change the outcome of the case?