Late shipment rate. 10 day or 30 day?


I forgot to confirm dispatch for one days orders (6 orders).
My 10 day late dispatch is 12%
My 30 day late dispatch is 3.5%

Will this lead to suspension (due to the 10 day %)?
Or will I be ok because the 30 day % is under 4%?

Please can you advise on this, thank you.


Don’t worry, something like this shouldn’t result in a suspension of your account, as long as it’s just a one time occurrence and no additional defects will be received.

Regarding the metrics, both date ranges are equally important and you should ensure they are within the minimum performance targets.


Thank you again Kika for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated.

I have no other defects, ODR 0%

Unfortunately the same thing happened about 5 years ago and I did get suspended…
I hope this previous error doesn’t affect any new appeal if I do get suspended?


The ways how Amazon handles suspensions are different now. The first warning sign would be the “At Risk” status and in case you receive any additional defects after this, it could potentially result in a suspension.

If you need any help, you could always update this thread.


Thanks again. I hopefully won’t get suspended in that case. I will keep the thread updated either way


Hi. You were right Kika, I didn’t get suspended.
My 10 day % was at about 10% for the 10 days. Now reverted back to 0%
Thanks for all your help


You are welcome, good luck :))