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Take a look at Amazon Advertising on YouTube for tips and tutorials to improve your advertising strategies and prepare for the shopping season ahead.

Watch videos when you’re on the go, and apply what you learn to your campaigns to reach more shoppers and meet your advertising goals.

Get started with some of our latest videos.

How to change your Sponsored Products campaign budget

You can and should adjust your campaign budgets when you have to. It’s quick to do.

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How to use keyword match types

Keyword match types help you control where your ads may appear. Let’s look at how to use them in your campaigns.

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How to add negative keywords to your campaigns

Negative keywords help prevent your ads from appearing on irrelevant or low-performing customer shopping queries. Let’s find out how to add them to your campaign.

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How to add sub-pages to your store

Make a home for your brand story. Showcase flagship products or seasonal items. Organise them by theme or category, to help customers find what they need. Here’s how to add sub-pages to your store.

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How to add a custom image to your Sponsored Brands campaign

Make sure that you link your Sponsored Brand ads to your store to help shoppers explore your entire product selection and brand.

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