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Ok, who can tell me the date this item was shipped (it’s not a trick question)


P.S. this is an image I have sent to Amazon along with tracking etc etc


Looks like it was shipped on the 17th January and then delivered a few days later in Jersey on the 20th. What am I missing?


Same as me presumably as its in FBA part of the forum too


You’re missing nothing, Amazon are however insisting it was sent 18th, how can that be possible when it is at the Parcelforce National Hub on Coventry on the 17th?


Ah I’ve clicked the wrong forum :crazy_face:


So is this a late despatch defect ?


Which day did you actually mark it as despatched on the website? 17th or 18th?


17th, tracking is automatically uploaded

They have now changed their story (yet again) saying that the Parcelforce website shows it was sent 18th, even though I have a screenshot proving otherwise.

It just gets more and more bizarre with Amazon, they are literally arguing black is white


You need to explain what the actual issue is though
I’m presuming it’s late despatch ?!


Yes late despatch, I really don’t know how Amazon think, how can they possible say it was sent on 18th when it is clearly 100% at the Parcelforce National hub on the 17th, I just don’t get it


Presumably a glitch with the software used to update amazon meaning it was actually confirmed on 18th but backdated to 17th

Has it taken you over the limit ?


No, not even close to the limit but it is a matter of principle, they can see it was sent 17th but refuse to budge, it seems they just cannot apply common sense.


If it isn’t affecting your metrics negatively I’d let it go, whilst I understand it’s principle, I’m afraid Amazon wont know what ‘principle’ is and you’ll be getting worked up with no result :joy: