Limit for lost MCF reimbursements?


We had 2 MCF orders lost on the way to the same customer (first one was lost, so we’ve sent another one and it got lost too!). After 10 days from estimated delivery date passed, we opened the case to get reimbursed. We received following response from the seller support:

“As per the recent Amazon policy related to the reimbursement against MCF Orders the System will not create any reimbursement on MCF Order if the reimbursement percentage goes more than 2% on the total number of MCF Orders placed in the last 180 days.
We tried to create a reimbursement against the MCF Order using our System Software however, as per the update received from the System this Seller Account is not eligible for a reimbursement against a MCF Order.
I have checked and found that there are total of 148 MCF orders placed in your Seller central account for last 18 days and reimbursement initiated for the MCF orders is more than 2%, hence our system can not initiate reimbursement for the mentioned order.
As you have exceeded the number of reimbursement requests allowed for Multi-channel orders, hence system will not allow reimbursement for this order.”

Is this a joke? Anybody else heard about this policy? So, in theory, they can lose all items and only reimburse for 2% of them? Would it even be legal to introduce such policy?


Just been looking at the policy for MCF and it doesn’t mention anything at all to do with a limit on reimbursement.
If you have just had someone is support tell you that, then I would be very tempted to take with a pinch of salt.
Escalate to the MD for clarification.

For reference:


Thank you Neil. I’ve read this policy, but wasn’t sure if there isn’t more somewhere.
It wouldn’t be the first time, that seller support made a false claim, but it really got me mad. These items are around 100 GBP each and I aleady have another MCF order, that is most likely missing.
For now, I replied again, that I demand reimbursement. If they keep with the story I will escalate to MD.
Maybe the system does block reimbursements exceeding 2% of orders and they need to get permission from supervisor to overcome it, so they rather deny me, then bother with that.


There possibly is more somewhere, but frankly finding it, is nigh on impossible half of the time. And they do have habit of changing things, without updating policies properly.
I think you might be right with the block and having to escalate. But frankly, support is useless. They seem to just give rote replies and don’t bother half the time even reading the case properly.
Why Amazon cannot have people in place, that actually help, I’ll never understand.
If they did, I bet half their workload would disappear overnight.


So, I reopened the case with seller support 3 times, asking where can I find this policy. Two times, they just copy paste the first answer, that I posted here. Third time, they sent me the link to the Amazon EU Business Solutions Agreement, without pointing to any specific section, of course.

The agreement clearly states in section F.9.3, that Amazon will pay replacment value for ANY lost MCF unit. There is no mention of 2% limit anywhere in the document.

I replied them with the quote from the agreement and asked them to consult with their supervisors, but I’m not getting my hopes up.


I doubt that you will get very far with support to be honest.
I do think that you need to escalate to the MD. At the very least, you should get some kind of correct answer then.


Latest reply from support about the issue:
“Please be informed that I have reached out to our leadership and they stated that it is an internal policy related to issuing of reimbursement and cannot be disclosed to the sellers.”


Any internal policy must work within the framework of the seller Agreements, which form the entirety of the contract between the Amazon and its sellers.

I understand you may only be disputing a small amount, but Amazon should not be allowed to simply steal a small amount from its 1+ million sellers without some kind of punitive action.

Fight this!

I am dealing with my own MCF issue, related to the actual reimbursement amount being lower than that which is specified in the Business Agreement. I made my own topic where I analyze the language of the Business Agreement.

In any case, the matter of Amazon making up policies that conflict with the Seller Agreements is of intense interest to me, and so I will be watching this topic.


Hey, where did this ended up? Is there any progress? I have couple of similar situations already…


I ended up just waiting for a couple of weeks and opened new, separate cases for each missing item. I got reimbursements for 2 out of 3 and the third one actually came back to my inventory in the meantime. No hassle this time and they even reimburse the amount I would get, if I sold them. I haven’t got any items go missing since, so I hope this issue is behind me.
The 2% limit thing seems too ridiculous even for Amazon, and I think someone at seller support just got confused.

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