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Hi all, just a quick question I sell my own photography on Amazon Handmade which is great, but was wondering if its possible to link to my website {Moderator Edit (Jessica) external link removed} as it shows a better profile / info about me than the listing page on amazon allows.

Is it possible or are you allowed to do it?



You are absolutely not allowed to do it.


as demel says no way express suspension


Haha, thanks guys, I won’t be doing that then. Will have to try and get more creative with the listing


I’d be VERY careful.
You may find your AMZ account closed without notice if you make any attempt to tempt buyers to your own website in your listing.


Correction: You probably, almost certainly, WILL find…


May be an idea to read the handbook. It will give you clear guidance to ensure you don’t get your store closed. You aren’t allowed to put anything in your packaging with your website info on either. We had to get new things printed when we first started.


I see you’ve already put a link on your seller profile for the forum. You need to remove it from there, too, as soon as possible, before Amazon discover it


Thanks everyone, I didnt realise I have removed the link from my forum profile and I don’t have a link on my seller profile or any of my listings either, so I take it I’m fine, cheers


I take you mean to say you can’t insert anything that contains the web address, or have your website address printed on the packaging, but it is ok to have the web address on the label (as many products do contain the web address on the label)?


I believe you are OK listing a website address on your label / info booklets but not an ecommerce site


Ah! Right, that makes sense.


You might be able to do something via the Manage Product Documents, but it can not contain a link to any other selling platform.


SCoellPhotography you could always create a Brand and call it SCoellPhotography see here…

That will then allow you to use what Amazon calls A+ content, which enables brands to describe their product features in new ways by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements which may result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.


As an example -


They already posted their website url at amazon’s forum. That gives the website extra points with all search engines :wink:.


Indeed, i was going to point out that most posters would just say “my website” unless they were trying to promote. I suppose with currently 26 clicks it has worked…


Sorry ScoellPhotography, I want to ask The_Little_Shop a question. I am going to print Tuckbox for my face serum, can I print my web address on the Tuckbox ? I don’t know where to find this information. I had a quick check on, I saw some products do have a web address on their label. My website is an e-commerce site. Can I put the web address on the box?