Listing a new product GTIN?EAN duplication issues!


I am trying to list a new product from a major brand i have been selling on amazon for years.

They have just brought out a new line of products and some of them have conflicting listings already in the amazon catalogue under the same GTIN/EAN.

The conflicting listings are for random items of clothing(completely unrelated to my products) and the majority are ‘not available’ due to no sellers actually selling them.

Of course the SC system wont let me list without an unattached EAN!

What are my options?


Hi, so many times I have read and replied how I fix this issue and have heard some stories of how it does not work that easy I have never had an issue until this last week.
I have two cases open one they closed and had to reopen the EAN is not even registered against the brand its showing - Anyway I normally do the amendments and create a case and its straight forward but not this time for me, but I have come across this at least 7,8 times and never had an issue until this last week.

My advice is to;
Firstly amend everything so it is sitting in edit images script etc…
Then open a case explaining briefly what has happened and that is pending for review to be accepted in - Also include the below some seem to just be able to accept and others seem to do it manually.
Search Terms
Platinum Keywords

If its wholesale I usually also add a URL of the product.

You need to attach - listing images and product images showing front, back of product and one of packing including bar code.

Usually it gets sorted in a couple of days this is the first time I have had issues.