Listing Black hole?


I listed a few books this afternoon. Six hours later and the last two are still not showing in my inventory.

I remember something similar a few years ago - manually adding new items, apparently accepted and confirmed with a listing confirmation email but not in inventory and not showing for sale. :no_entry:

Weird…and annoying :confounded:


Were these new detail pages which you created or did you just attach your offers to existing listings?

If the first option, then it’s nothing unusual for new listings to take several hours to get processed and saved to show within your inventory.

In case you listed against existing ASINs, you might be experiencing technical issues as many similar issues are being reported by sellers on the forum every day.

Check again tomorrow to see if the listings are already displayed in the Manage Inventory section of your account.


Improper product information or UPC,ASIN,ISBN,etc codes could be an issue.It could also be held as draft application or needs approval for category or product.


These were added to existing ASINs.

As I said earlier, I received listing confirmation emails with Amazon generated SKUs for both books but neither have shown up in my inventory or for sale.
I relisted the first one and it appeared almost instantly but with a completely different SKU.
I will hold off on listing the other affected title until tomorrow.

I normally list several dozen titles a week and this is the first time in a few years that I’ve known any to just vanish without trace.

Presumably there was a glitch sometime around 3pm today.


Something similar happened a couple of days ago (as others noted).
New listings were being accepted but in inventory they became uneditable and a ‘Detail Page Removed - Unknown Policy Violation’ warning popped up.

This vanished after a few minutes and the item returned to normal in inventory .


I had exactly the same on Wednesday. Listed a book (with my own SKU) had the confirmation box as normal on the inventory page as well as an email confirming the listing. They usually appear within a minute or so but half hour later this one still hadn’t appeared. I listed again (same SKU) and it appeared.

Glad I was paying attention.


I wonder how many items we think are listed and actually are not, despite the email - guess the ‘glitch’ could have happened many times without us knowing - we should not need to check every time.


I’m wondering if this might explain how I sold an out-of-stock title the other day? :thinking:
The fact that I had listing confirmation emails for these ‘vanished’ listings indicates it was a fairly major glitch, it seems to me.

*Breaking news - both affected titles have just now finally appeared in my inventory…I’ll have to delete the duplicate I relisted.