Listing issues - standard numeric book ASINs not showing up


Hi everyone.

I added a bunch of used books to my listings last night and not all of them are showing up in my inventory today. I listed one again about an hour ago, and again, it doesn’t show up. It’s a standard textbook from Oxford University Press and the ASIN is 0198712952. This one and several others are missing. Anyone had any experience with this? I had a warning for high pricing about a completely different book, which I’ve now deleted from my inventory. Could that have caused this? I also have 3 warnings for ‘Listing Enhancements’. Could they be the reason? I’m at a bit of a loss here and I’m thinking I may have to go back over all the stock I’ve listed in the last few months to see if there are other examples. Luckily all my shelved books are in a separate database, which should help.

I’d appreciate any insights or guidance.

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If look at the forum for this thread it looks like the same problem as you have got


Hi Mark.

It does seem that others are having the same issue right now. It seems quite random as some books are listed fine. I’m going to have to go back over the last few weeks since they added the new listing system to check if others have not made the inventory list. Just the kind of unproductive work I don’t need!

Thanks for your response.


long thread here.


Thanks Demel.

Seems like a signifigant issue. I will have another go and see if I might be missing something.

Best wishes