Listing lay out


if I’m the only one on amazon selling a product how come my listing is not an individual one with the price ect. on product search page instead it has no price and when its opened the buyer is ask to click to see all buying options then shows me as the seller?


Hi it would appear your not the only one selling that product by what you have mentioned, the only product your guaranteed only to be selling is if its your own manufactured items.


but when you click on buyer options I’m the only one there


Hi so it would mean your the only one on the listing in that case


I suppose you don’t have the Buy Box…

Which selling plan do you have?


Like I said we don’t bother for it but there is something in the algorithm which means you don’t always get it but if your the only one on that listing I really would not be to worried as its not as though your competing against anyone.

We have been selling for a long time now on amazon now we mainly use FBA and some FBM but it’s never effected our cash flow nkt focusing on the BB



It’s not a matter of competing against other sellers, it’s about getting more visibility and, consequently, a better sales conversion…

FBA is one thing, FBM is another (unless it has been changed in recent times, the former always grants more visibility than the latter, regardless of the BB)


Hi the only thing it does though is show you the buy now button, if your the cheapest on prime this tends to be it in any case.

If your the only seller it’s not going to increase viability as such it’s just going to show buy now when you open the actual listing up.


I understand what you are saying - the buyer has no instant ‘buy button’ on the main listing, they instead have to click an extra link to get a list of sellers and then click buy against you. Not a great hardship but some buyers just do not realise they have to make that extra click and just think Amazon is out of stock. It is annoying.

A possible reason is that it could be you are the only seller with stock. Other sellers (who may be cheaper) are currently out of stock. They won’t show in the list of sellers but Amazon algorithm still gives them preference.


If you look after your pricing your likely to do alright if the products arnt naf that’s my view… Touch wood so far so good lol


Yes only one on listing. Least of the problems at the minute none of the lists are showing in the search anyway. Ripping my hair out now lol


That Middle Aisle - We are experiencing exactly the same problem. We manufacture our products and no-one is reselling them on Amazon. Our listings included in the search page do not have a price associated with them nor do our feed back scores or delivery options feature. When potential customers are presented with that list I am sure they will go for one with a price listed not the one that simply has a picture of the product and a title. The price is included in the listing when you view our products on our storefront. So frustrating.

If I discover anything useful I will share it here.



Hi so if there is only you o the listing if you have the buy box it will say add to cart, if you don’t the customer needs to first click to see options then they will see yours and only yours if your the only one selling


PeterT - Totally understand that but the issue is even before then - when our product is included in the product search results all the customer sees is a thumbnail and the product title. There are no prices, feedback results or delivery options provided. To most people it looks like a product that is out of stock or unavailable. Not conducive to a sale!

Our product is the middle one.


Your price only shows when you have the Buy box.


When you click on it and all buying options it’s showing if this is you and the correct one.


Hi PeterT yes that is the correct one. But do you see what I mean that if you were presented with the product search results you wouldn’t really want to click on our entry because it doesn’t provide the information you need at that early point in the process ie price. I know that eventually you get to the price but our product needs to be attractive enough to be clicked on from the search results. Without that extra information it is not as attractive.


It’s only going to show the price if you have the buy box, maybe worth considering offering it on prime for more viability



And I assumed this is the same for OP!

Now, where do I find the brick wall???


Cheers and same here they don’t make it easy for us newbies do they.