Listing lay out


Was thinking that peter u have use there shipping company with that tho don’t you?


It’s not easy for us old-timers either ! - they just constantly change things.
You get used to one thing and then they go and ‘improve’ it - and usually the so-called improvements are anything but.


For prime you can do FBA send it in they do the rest easiest and simplest in my opinion, or you can use a partnered courier by opening an account with RM or DPD and linking it up into the site buying from the site…

All options will cos around a fiver a sale if its a small parcel.


I’ll look into it tonight


Everyone has own opinion but I prefer using FBA and MFN - you could try just sending 10 units to FBA rember prime customers generally pay that little extra in any case.


Are you on the professional monthly selling plan or just as an individual selling not a lot?

Seem to remember it won’t come up unless your are on the pro monthly fee, could be wrong though.


We are pro pay monthly


Hi Alison
Have you discovered anything yet


Hi unfortunately nothing as yet but I am going to try a campaign with 20% reduction on price to see if that makes any difference. This was also suggested by another poster. As a company we have thought about FBA/Prime but there are some elements that we aren’t so keen on so for the time being we are going to keep chipping away. Will update when I can. Good luck!


24hrs after listing if I’m the only seller on listing they look normal